Between January 1 and February 21 of this year, Thailand’s capital recorded its worst pollution numbers ever. With no solutions in sight, the situation is about to get much worse.
On February 22, the Federal Communications Commission published the formal version of its net neutrality repeal in the Federal Register. Now that it’s official, that opens the doors to a flood of lawsuits challenging the repeal’s legality.
As the quantity of smartphones, electric vehicles, and advanced battery storage systems produced worldwide soars, one mineral is rising in strategic importance for manufacturers of all of them. It is also putting pressure on the African country that produces two-thirds of the world’s supply.
The World Trade Organization announced on February 20 that South Korea has asked it to intervene on a major anti-dumping dispute with the United States. In the process, it is also challenging the fundamental law the U.S. relies on when levying punitive trade tariffs.
Two of Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest colleagues were just arrested on suspicion they had taken bribes in the telecom corruption investigation known as Case 4000. It is one of many cases swirling nearby which could also bring down the Israeli Prime Minister.