Just as the Attorney General of the United States files suit challenging California’s laws regarding sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas just ruled its state law banning ‘sanctuary cities’ is fully lawful.
On February 14, a mass killing happened in a school in Parkland, Florida. Just one month later on March 14, one million students walked out of class to demand gun control and protest the hideousness of such violence.
A series of financial transparency measures just approved in the European Union could help curb many of the current tax avoidance games that rob all of billions of dollars worldwide.
Despite the elections of deputies and delegates last Sunday, and the possible designation of a new president in April, the possible changes ahead in the political and economic system of Cuba are still not clear.
No, the headline above is not a misprint. We really are creating digital currencies with a value of 2 trillion dollars. Read on to find out how, why and what it means for you.