The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced the sale next month of almost all unleased acreage in the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling. A lawsuit just filed by three environmental groups is trying to block the sale before it is too late.
The European Union is aggressively moving to protect EU firms from the impact of U.S. sanctions against Iran going into effect in August. It just endorsed the update of its Blocking Law, which would put the EU and the U.S. on a hard political and economic collision course in early August.
While the U.S. continues to escalate its trade wars, Japan and the European Union will on July 17 sign off on an agreement to eliminate most tariffs between them. It will create a new trading block representing almost a third of the world’s GDP.
When Facebook announced in mid-May it was partnering with the Atlantic Council to help keep disinformation off its website, two questions came up. Why would Facebook do this, when it has the resources on its own? And who is this Atlantic Council?
On the eve of the upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on July 16, the Justice Department announced 12 Russian intelligence officers had just been indicted on charges of hacking voter information and Democratic computers during the 2016 Presidential Election. It will affect the visit, but probably differently than most might think.