The White House says the U.S. will soon pull out of the current 144-year-old United Postal Union Treaty because it is yet another agreement that treats America badly.
A Federal judge ruled on Monday against yet another attempt to dismiss a landmark case to hold the U.S. government accountable for its role in fostering greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
Three public meetings this week in Portland and Seattle may be the last stand to stop the Trump administration and the Department of Energy from allowing two-thirds of America’s high-level radioactive waste to continue to poison us all for decades to come.
Hurricane Leslie, which slashed through Portugal this weekend, joins Hurricane Michael as another example of how climate change is radically altering our weather.
On October 9, Donald Trump announced he has authorized year-round sales of higher-ethanol-content gasoline.
The Justice Department arrested a senior official in China’s Ministry of State Security on charges of economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.
Under a new law, FEMA must explain how it awarded emergency contracts last year to a company new to government contracts and with no experience with the products it was supposed to deliver.
The most powerful hurricane to hit the United States this year is scheduled to make landfall on Florida’s panhandle at around 2 PM Eastern time on October 10.
The International Court of Justice began hearings Monday on a case Iran filed against the U.S. for seizing $2 billion in funds without proof of any crime.
With China no longer allowing foreign trash into the country, the U.S. recycling industry is scrambling to find what to do with its ever-increasing pile of plastic scrap.