California EPA First State to Recognize that Roundup Causes Cancer

California, via its Environmental Protection Agency, has just become the first state in the United States to officially declare that Monsanto's Roundup herbicide causes cancer.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular her­bicide called Roundup, causes cancer. Its manufac­turer, Monsanto, has long known that glyphosate causes cancer but lied about it, just as it did for DDT, dioxins, PCB, aspartame and the many other cancer-causing chemicals it has manufactured.

Knowing how dangerous its products are, the com­pany manufactured fake science and bribed and bullied government regulators so that its products could continue to be sold. This has been going on for nearly 70 years and it has been an effective busi­ness model because the United States is a nation full of corrupt academics, politicians and govern­ment employees. They are easy to bribe and bully with lawsuits.

The rewards of making products that sicken and kill people have greatly outweighed the potential con­sequences.

Now, California may be starting to stand up to Mon­santo. They have finally ruled that glyphosate caus­es cancer, as required to under the state’s Proposi­tion 65.

California's ruling follows the World Health Organi­zation’s finding that glyphosate is a “probable” hu­man carcinogen. But glyphosate is much more than just a human carcinogen. It is a bio-weapon that is wreaking havoc on much of the life on Earth.

Glyphosate damages DNA and radically alters soil biology. It causes massive mutations in soil mi­crobes that result in new pathogens which there is no natural immunity against. So, bees, bats, birds and other important species are decimated while disease in humans continues to increase even though we have better health science and services than ever before.

Getting rid of glyphosate won't be easy because it is an integral part of the world's industrial crop pro­duction system.

You can do your part by buying organic food and not spraying Roundup.