Trump Sells Qatar $12 Billion in Fighter Jets to Fuel Religious War

Just days after calling Qatar a high-level exporter of terrorism and saying that he was going to take a harder line, Trump empowered Qatar with a massive weapons sale.

Apparently, taking a harder line to Trump meant rewarding Qatar with advanced weapons so that it can defend itself against the $110 billion in advanced American weapons Trump recently sold to Saudi Arabia, which is now threatening war on Qatar if it doesn't submit to Saudi rule.

The Trump administration said that the 39 F-15 fight­er jets would increase “security cooperation” between the United States and Qatar.

As a close ally to the United States, Qatar is indeed a major sponsor of Islamic terrorism. It is also home to a major U.S. air base staffed by approximately 10,000 Americans.

However, Qatar’s support of terrorism pales in com­parison to Saudi Arabia, another close American ally which is also receiving massive arms shipments from Trump and receives very close security cooperation with the United States. This security cooperation in­cludes the U.S. helping Saudi Arabia carry out a geno­cidal war against the people of Yemen because some of them had dared to resist the religious domination of Saudi Arabia.

The security cooperation also includes supporting Islamic State, attacking Syria, waging a stealth war against Iran and the U.S. helping the brutal Saudi dic­tatorship crush dissent and those who seek a little de­mocracy and freedom.

The United States is deliberately fueling conflict in the middle east not just for war profits but to foment an ever-greater Islamic religious war between Saudi backed Salafist Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are being armed by the United States at the behest of Israel and powerful American Jews who want to foment war between the Sunni and Shia Islamic sects and ignite World War III to usher in end times and make Judaism the world’s dominant re­ligion. Many Muslims and even some Christians have the same apocalyptic perspective of a great war to bring about the return of their Gods.

Trump's and Vladimir Putin’s handlers are the Chabad, an immensely powerful Jewish religious sect that be­lieves that the world is now in the prophesied messi­anic end times and that Donald Trump is their herald.

As covered in the June issueof Trillions, Trump's main advisor and the architect of the Saudi weapons deal is Jared Kushner, a devout Chabad supporter whose family spent $1.8 billion to purchase an office building located at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The num­ber 666 is a sacred number to the Chabad and has messianic significance. The building previously sold for $518 million.