Trump Starts Taking Land for Unfunded Border Wall

Even though Congress has not yet funded Trump's border wall, his administration has already started giving notice to landowners in southwest Texas that the federal government is buying their land whether they like it or not.

While the Justice Department denies the notice is a step towards construction of more border fencing, govern­ment lawyers recently published a 16-page notice in the Brownsville Herald that listed the names of approx. 100 landowners with a notice that they have several weeks to contest the amount the government is offering for their land.

The area already has 100 miles of border fencing that was built under the Secure Fence Act in 2006. To build the fence, the government seized land through eminent domain.

Some land owners sold their land before construction started but in other cases the government built the fence before even starting negotiations with landowners.

While the U.S. should certainly secure its borders, a bor­der wall is not really needed at this point and won't re­ally keep out illegal migrants, drugs or other smuggled goods.

A vast portion illegal migrants come by plane, through shipping ports or the northern border with Canada, while the number of Mexicans in the U.S. illegally has been dropping steadily for the last few years.

However, climate change and global warming will in­crease migration as temperatures climb too high in Cen­tral America and Mexico and people try to make their way North to cooler temperatures.

Climate migration is already a severe and growing prob­lem for Europe and parts of Asia.

One way to reduce illegal migration now would be for the U.S. to stop fueling the drug trade, which has killed more than 200,000 people in Mexico and made parts of Central America uninhabitable.

America's bogus war on drugs has had no impact except to enrich select oligarchs and has cost American taxpay­ers an estimated $1 trillion so far. Millions of Americans have been imprisoned who might have otherwise led pro­ductive taxpaying lives.

The only sane solution to the drug problem is decriminal­ization. Then a wall won't be needed.