Saudi Arabia Called to Account for Its Terrorist Roles in Yemen and 9-11

In separate actions, the UN Secretary-General and the plaintiffs in the 9-11 lawsuit have raised new and extremely serious charges against Saudi Arabia's role in financing and leading world terror.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres finally said what has been known but unspoken for some time: the Saudi Arabian coalition against Yemen is brutally slaughtering the country’s children.

This, along with new revelations in the 9-11 victims’ lawsuit against the Saudis, points to the Arab nation’s even deeper role in global terror and destabilization than had previously been imagined.

The announcement came as the UN Secretary-General announced its annual ‘list of shame’ for violations against children across the world.

Human Rights Watch and other organizations have been calling all the Saudi-led coalition, Houthi-Saleh and other groups attacking children in the war-ravaged country for more than two years. It has been well-documented that there is a systematic approach by the Saudis and their allies against this tiny nation to detain, kidnap, and disappear children.  The coalition also has been charged with recruiting the same children to attack their own schools and hospitals. It has also been found to be deliberately stopping health care and food from reaching those in dire need in the country.

This is not the first time the Saudi-led group has made it to the UN Secretary-General’s list. Last year the ‘list of shame’ included the same coalition along with Al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (AQAP) and other groups. Despite the horrific assault on Yemeni youth last year, however, when Saudi Arabia and its allies countered the UN move by threatening to shut off millions of dollars of UN funding, the UN backed down and took the Saudi-organized group’s name off the list.

This year it looks like the public damning of the Saudi actions is going to stick. This comes in part from the parallel release of a UN report just made public that showed over 700 children were killed or wounded by coalition air assaults just in 2016 alone. The report also called out the destruction of approximately 40 schools and hospitals by the same group, as well as deliberate blocking of aid shipments, food, and access to fuel for aid vehicles.

Caught in the act and with the report made public, the Saudi government claimed they would be more compliant with the ‘rules of war’ but the evidence points to the contrary.

This all comes at a time when the truth about the ugly imposition of Saudi religious, economic and military warring on those with differing beliefs is being exposed more and more around the world.

This includes most notably the currently-ongoing lawsuit by victims of the 9-11 terror attacks in the United States against the Saudi Government along with Saudi-owned or managed banks and other companies, who have been demonstrated to be far more complicit in the attacks than had been previously known.

There is even a recent disclosure, revealed early last month in an amended court filing on the 9-11 victims’ lawsuit, that alleges the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. funded – as the new papers explain -- “a dry run for the 9/11 attacks”. The claim is that the Embassy paid for two Saudi nationals, living in the United States posing as students, to fly from Phoenix to Washington on an America West trip to test out the plan for the eventual hijackings. That test included attempts to get into the cockpit along the route, and asking technical questions of the cockpit crew when they entered.

The two who carried out that mission, Mohammed al-Qudhaeein and Hamdan al-Shalawi, were allegedly members of “the Kingdom’s network of agents in the US” and were deeply embedded in the terrorist plot. Both apparently were trained at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in the same places – and at the same time – as some of the hijackers were there. Shalawi, for example, was a “longtime employee of the Saudi government” according to records. Both received ongoing financial support from the Saudi government and apparently were in regular contact with government officials.

According to the filing, the new information shows “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 attacks on behalf of senior Saudi officials and he government itself. As Sean Carter, lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case announced regarding the new filings, “We’ve long asserted that there were longstanding and close relationships between al Qaeda and the religious components of the Saudi government. This is further evidence of that.”

The United States, which could have stood up for the Yemeni children being horrifically sacrificed – and the 9-11 victims who are mostly from within its borders – is saying sickly silent throughout. It appears to be letting this all just happen without lifting a single finger, mostly likely for fear of jeopardizing the over $110 billion of arms deals signed during the visit by President Donald Trump and his military-industrial cronies to Saudi Arabia a few months ago.

The lesson in all is that it seems like only the children of Yemen, along with the 9-11 victims and their families, and maybe now the UN Secretary-General with an essentially powerless ‘list of shame’, are standing up to defend the rights of those being brutalized by the global exploits of the Saudi Arabian government.