Has America Gone Mad?

In case you hadn't noticed, America has lost its way and has been acting mad, as in insane. The country has been somewhat mad for a long time but the lunacy has grown to new heights and now poses a much graver threat — not just to Americans but to the whole world.


Many countries have gone through periods of madness. Some of the glaring examples of the past include Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Rwanda and others. Some current examples include North Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The madness usually starts with a small group and then spreads to greater numbers of people until the madness becomes institutionalized.

The madness can persist for decades or even centuries and often culminates in war — hot or cold, external or internal, and then ultimately economic collapse. Some countries survive intact, some don't.

The institutionalization of America's madness is now widespread and deeply rooted in the federal government and most state and some local governments.

The lunacy has become the norm, not the exception.

One recent glaring example of the madness is the arrest of Rosamaria Hernandez, a 10 year-old girl with cerebral palsy who was brought to the U.S. illegally when she was 3 months old.

While enroute to a hospital for emergency surgery, the ambulance she was in was stopped by border patrol, her immigration status was discovered and she was officially detained but escorted to the hospital where federal agents stood guard during and after the surgery and then took her to an immigration prison.

Her family's attorney has asked that she be released into the custody of family members who are U.S. citizens but so far the Dept. of Homeland Security has refused. (Update: Rosamaria was released from detention on Nov. 3rd but still faces deportation.)

Rosamaria has never been away from her mother before and is suffering severe trauma at a time when she needs to be home with her family recuperating from her surgery.

Detaining a young sick girl in an ambulance is perverse enough. Imprisoning children who pose no threat to society is a violation of international law and common decency. Imprisoning a sick child with special needs who committed no crime and poses no threat to anyone is beyond cruel and is a gross violation of the International Bill of Human Rights of 1948.

The treatment of Rosamaria is excused by some Americans because she is Mexican and in the U.S. illegally. But, brutality from the government is an everyday occurrence against American citizens of all ages and races and the treatment of Rosamaria is now standard treatment for many children, not an isolated case.

An example of American lunacy previously covered in Trillions is civil-asset forfeiture, where government takes a person's property under the ridiculous notion that the asset is suspected of somehow being used in a crime. The owner of the asset does not have to be charged with any crime. This is a direct violation of the Constitution but America's insane judges continue to allow it.

Perhaps the most dangerous current expression of American insanity is its continued threats against North Korea.

In reality, North Korea poses no threat to the U.S. and has developed nuclear weapons in response to the continued threats from the United States.  North Korea has repeatedly offered to freeze its nuclear weapons program if the U.S. stops the war exercises against it. It has also offered to completely give up nuclear weapons if the U.S. gives up its nukes. The U.S. has no interest in either proposal.

Trump is making preparations to attack North Korea with the knowledge that if he does then China will likely enter the conflict. Russia has suggested that it will also respond to an attack against North Korea.

Waging a war for no good reason is lunacy. Launching a war that the United States can't win is suicidal and even more insane. 

An example of the insanity and mass corruption at the state level are the laws against supporting a boycott, divestment or sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Wisconsin just became the 24th state penalizing those who support BDS against Israel, even though doing so is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Dickinson, Texas, got in on the treason and servitude to Israel by banning hurricane recovery aid to anyone who supported BDS against Israel. And Texas prides itself on being a patriotic state which supports liberty. Obedience to a foreign power is the opposite of patriotism and liberty.

Allowing any foreign nation to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the liberty of American citizens is treasonous lunacy. Allowing one that repeatedly engages in criminal activity as state policy and which is widely condemned by most other nations is extreme lunacy. America's insanity also extends to the environment and human health.

The Trump administration continues to roll back laws necessary to help ensure the health and well being of the American people.

Poisoning our children with pesticides and herbicides well known to cause life-threatening disease is criminal insanity.

Air pollution in the United States is already estimated to kill 200,000 people every year. Trump's elimination of clean air regulations will kill even more people .

The lunacy is spreading fast because our culture helps create it and we support it.

Every time we buy a product from a company that isn't ethical and which is influencing our government in negative ways, we support the lunacy.

When we poison our bodies and minds with the typical American diet we contribute to our madness.

When we consume media that promotes cruelty and violence we are supporting the madness.

Pressing a cell phone to our head is well known to disrupt brain function, open the blood-brain barrier and damage DNA, yet we keep doing it and even surround ourselves with damaging microwave radiation from WiFi and insist that our children are irradiated by WiFi at school.

We line up to vote for members of political parties that we know very well are corrupt.

We spend hours every week on Facebook knowing that everything we access and post is being tracked and used to profile and judge us.

But, there is hope for America because many individuals remain sane, are doing what they can to stay sane and are pushing back the lunatics.