GOP Tax-Plan Really a Tax Increase for Middle Class

Analysis shows that millions of middle class families would see their taxes rise under the GOP 'tax-cut' plan.

With the release of independent analyses it is now clear that the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on many working class taxpayers—despite repeated promises to the contrary by the Trump gang.

Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) conceded in an interview with the New York Times Friday that he "misspoke" when he declared last week that "nobody in the middle class is going to get a tax increase."

Republicans are sticking to the standard operating procedure well established by the Obama administration—loudly proclaim one thing that generates public support and then quietly do the opposite.  Politicians believe that most Americans are too stupid to realize how badly they are being screwed over by Washington.

A New York Times analysis published Friday showed that while middle class Americans would fare slightly better under the Senate's plan than the House's, "both bills would disproportionately benefit high earners and corporations and raise taxes on millions of middle class families."

The analysis shows:

The Senate bill appears much better for the very wealthy than it is for the somewhat wealthy. About half of families earning between two and three times the median income—or about $160,000 to $240,000 for a family of three—would pay more in 2018 than under existing law. But among the richest families, those earning more than about $500,000 for a family of three, nearly 90 percent would get a tax cut.

Obviously, the insane level of spending on the military must be substantially reduced first. Tax cuts should then be applied for the many poor working families while the rich are taxed more. But for that to happen, America would need a federal government that serves the people, not criminal corporations.