Hamid Karzai Claims U.S. May Be A Secret Backer of ISIS

In a recent interview, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai suggested that the United States may be behind the growth of ISIS in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Although Karzai avoided stating the charges bluntly, it was clear that the issue for him begins with attempting to understand why extremist Islamic actions in the Middle East have grown so fast in the past 16 years.

He began by pointing out what many foreign-policy experts have been saying for some time: that just by representing such a strong military presence in the region since entering it 16 years ago, the United States has destabilized the area. It was further stated that the forces that were against allies of the United States have been energized to do something about the U.S. presence.

This latest assertion by Karzai, which comes from an interview on RT (, takes this all a lot further. In the interview, Karzai said he had “more than suspicions” about the United States helping ISIS. He spoke of receiving regular reports that ISIS was receiving supplies from “non-military color” helicopters flying out of U.S. bases in the area.

This aligns with recent statements made by Matthew Hoh, a member of the U.S. State Department when Obama was president. Commenting on the same general subject, Hoh said that the ISIS in Afghanistan appeared – based on some “serious reporting,” as he put it – to have been funded and made use of by the Afghan government. This, in turn, suggested to Hoh that the United States and the CIA would have been the backers in that situation, with the goal being to foster arguments (and worse) between the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban organizations.

And it is not just Karzai and Hoh who are making the allegations. Iran, Russia and Syria have also stated that the United States has been supporting ISIS (Daesh) and other Islamic terrorist organizations.

This then provides a sort of twisted logic that although the United States may not have funded ISIS with the goal of it turning around and attacking the United States and U.S. interests but knowing that this is what could easily occur as a side effect of seeding division between the two groups.

Going back even further, leaked American intelligence documents now also suggest that the United States has for some time been doing similar things with a variety of jihadist groups involved in the Syrian and Yemeni crises. One of these groups was ISIS. So just as the United States helped train Osama bin Laden in a desire to destabilize the Russian-occupied Afghanistan region years before – and then he turned on the United States – so, too, might these less organized early ISIS “seedlings” have grown up after backing by the United States to go after the original “hand that once fed them.”Is the United States possibly still a secret player keeping ISIS trained and supported with food and munitions? It is unclear from publicly available data whether this is the case. However, the history of the United States in covertly playing both sides of a fight against each other has many precedents, and it certainly looks like it has done so in the past.

As for former Afghan president Karzai, he remains suspicious of U.S. actions even today. He also believes that the United States attempted to manipulate elections in his own country.

All of this continues to support the belief that one of the primary objectives of the clandestine services of the United States may be to keep the region unstable. It does serve what appears to be an objective to continue “The Forever War,” which has raged on somewhere around the world virtually non-stop since the end of World War II.

America’s largest industry is its war industry, and for the industry to thrive and continue to siphon off nearly a trillion dollars a year from taxpayers, it must manufacture war and excuses for sustaining a war with no end.