Stripe Rite Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Striping Contract in WA

Stripe Rite Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the Tacoma Purchasing Division's 2018 Striping Contract solicitation, with a low bid of $884,030.00 USD. Bids were opened on June 12, 2018

The contract will be for Furnishing, installing, and removing pavement markings as described in these contract specifications, including but not limited to marking of centerlines, lane lines, turn lanes, bike lanes, parking lines, wide lines, turn arrow markings, stop lines, crosswalks, and symbols or legends. The work also includes 1,249 LF of plastic wide lane line; 227 LF of 12" plastic stop line; 210 LF of 24" plastic hatch line; 6,776 LF of removing paint line; 494 SF of plastic crosswalk line. See attached file for more details.

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