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JAL Construction Low Bidder on Celilo Park Safe Access Project - Grading, Paving & Signing in OR

JAL Construction is the apparent low bidder on the Oregon Department of Transportation, Procurement Office-Construction's Celilo Park Safe Access Project - Grading, Paving & Signing solicitation, with a low bid of $329,764.00 USD. Bids were opened on January 11, 2018

The contract will be for Work will consist of 310 SF temporary signs, 800 hr of flaggers, 510 ft of asphalt pavement saw cutting, 715 SY of subgrade geotextile, 1,640 ft of plural component sprayed surface, 230 SF of type B pavement bar, removing and rebuilding 37 ft of fence, erosion control, construction survey work, clearing and grubbing, general excavation of 300 CY, 600 SY 2" deep of cold plane pavement removal. See outside link for more details.

Additional bidders include:
Kerr Contractors Oregon, Inc.: $336,794.00 USD
Granite Construction Company: $392,392.00 USD

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