Tinsley Asphalt, Llc Low Bidder on CNS226 - The Resurfacing On Road in TN

Tinsley Asphalt, Llc is the apparent low bidder on the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation's CNS226 - The Resurfacing On Road solicitation, with a low bid of $1,867,562.18 USD. Bids were opened on May 11, 2018

The contract will be for 1,586 ton mineral aggregate, type a base, grading d ; 206,395 SY pm rejuvenating scrub seal ; 8,972 ton acs mix(pg64-22) thin lift d asphalt ; 388 LF w beam gr (type 2) mash tl3 ; 938 LF guardrail removed ; 1,062 SF signs (construction) ; 100 SY plastic pavement marking(channelization striping) ; 504 LF plastic pavement marking (stop line).

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