Hurst Construction Low Bidder on McKittrick, Wenatchee Ave (SR285) to Pine in WA

Hurst Construction is the apparent low bidder on the Wenatchee, City of's McKittrick, Wenatchee Ave (SR285) to Pine solicitation, with a low bid of $866,416.00 USD. Bids were opened on March 9, 2018

The contract will be for Works include approx 1 LS clearing and grubbing; 10 LF removal and replacing chain link fence; 2,930 CY roadway excavation including haul; 383 LF 12" PVC storm sewer pipe solid wall; 33 LF 36" RC sewer pipe class II; 9 LF 36" HDPE pipe; 3,446 TN crushed surfacing base course; 1 LS erosion and stormwater pollution control; 600 SY sod installation; 238 LF paint line; 1 LS permanent signing; 617 SY cement concrete sidewalk; See attached file.

Additional bidders include:
Pipkin Construction, Inc.: $934,635.00 USD
Smith Excavation: $966,893.00 USD

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