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R.S. Audley, Inc. Low Bidder on Replace Bridge Carrying Mill Street Over NHRR in NH

R.S. Audley, Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Finance & Contracts's Replace Bridge Carrying Mill Street Over NHRR solicitation, with a low bid of $1,176,845.50 USD. Bids were opened on January 11, 2018

The contract will be for The work includes 6,580 CY of granular backfill for MSE walls, 3,000 CY of common bridge excavation, 90 CY of rock bridge excavation, 170 CY of concrete class B, footings (on soil), 6,210 SF of mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall, 20 CY rock excavation, 120 ton of machine method hot bituminous pavement, see attached files and outside link.

Additional bidders include:
Austin Construction, Inc.: $1,206,171.50 USD
Alvin J. Coleman and Son, Inc.: $1,319,624.25 USD
Winterset, Inc.: $1,344,825.25 USD

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