Border States Paving Inc. Low Bidder on RFP - Mill and Rap HMA in ND

Border States Paving Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the North Dakota Dept. of Transportation's RFP - Mill and Rap HMA solicitation, with a low bid of $2,827,989.90 USD. Bids were opened on March 9, 2018

The contract will be for Mill and rap. 15,485 aggregate base course cl 5, 24,154 Gal tack coat, 426,312 SY milling pavement surface, 51,500 Ton rap - superpave faa 45, 276 EA cored sample, 2318 Ton pg 58s-34 asphalt cement, 2,045 unit traffic control signs, 300 EA tubular markers, 1 EA bituminous laboratory, 48 mile rumble strips - asphalt shoulder, 24 mile rumble strips - asphalt centerline.

Additional bidders include:
Anderson Western, Inc: $2,987,950.08 USD
Mayo Construction: $3,002,226.90 USD
Central Specialties, Inc.: $3,281,044.03 USD

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