ReadyPay Solar Power Pioneer Fenix International Adds New CFO

Fenix International, a next generation energy company based in San Francisco but operating across Africa with its ReadyPay Solar Power solution, just added Joshua Romisher, a former Wall Street Director and Social Entrepreneur for businesses working with developing countries, as a key member of its senior leadership team.

Over 80% of households in Africa lack access to energy. Fenix is changing that today with ReadyPay Solar Power. Photo: Fenix International

Fenix International provides solar home systems whch are both of high quality and affordable, and allows households of all incomes access to solar home systems and the consumer electronics that those households may want. Fenix’s solar home systems deliver rugged, ultra-efficient consumer electronics technology to remote, off-grid household study energy spending data in depth and build pricing plans based on what our customers can afford.

Joshua Romisher joins the energy and financial services company as Chief Financial Officer. With the need to understand how to make the broad range of Fenix solutions affordable to all, his role is an even more important one than perhaps the typical CFO might be -- for Fenix.

Before joining Fenix, Josh served as VP of Corporate Finance at Off Grid Electric, where he became a well-respected energy finance expert. In his most recent position at Off Grid Electric, Romisher played a critical role in raising innovative debt and equity financing for the solar home system company.

As a serial entrepreneur with a long-standing interest in building life-changing businesses, he will play a key role in Fenix’s mission to deliver solar home systems and other life-changing products to tens of millions of customers across Africa.

A Stanford School of Business graduate and Chartered Financial Analyst, Romisher’s previous experience includes serving as a Director at Credit Suisse Securities in New York and San Francisco, where he specialized in debt capital markets, specifically in structured products. At Credit Suisse, Joshua was ranked amongst the top ten practitioners in the Institutional Structured Products Group.

His early entrepreneurial activities saw him leading business development and capital raising for an innovative solar irrigation company in Western India, as well as founding and growing a boutique investment bank in NYC. As CFO at Fenix, Romisher will lead development of new financial products, create credit scores for unbanked customers, build finance capability and structure innovative debt facilities to support rapid growth. He will also work very closely alongside Fenix’s CTO, Jit Bhattacharya, to create an industry-leading digital finance platform, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock financial inclusion for Fenix’s customers.

Lyndsay Handler, CEO of Fenix International, said: “Josh’s passion for affordable, life-changing energy solutions and building great teams makes him a great fit for Fenix. He is joining Fenix at the beginning of a very exciting and ambitious growth phase, following our recent announcement of the agreed acquisition by one of the world’s largest independent utility companies, ENGIE.

“Bringing energy to tens of millions of off-grid homes across Africa requires visionary and out-of-the-box financing solutions. With Josh’s unique finance experience from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, India and Africa, Fenix aims to deliver the most inclusive energy solution in Africa and to unlock a wider world of financing for our customers.”

Joshua Romisher, commenting in his new capacity as CFO at Fenix International, said: “We’re at an incredibly exciting and pivotal moment in the evolution of the solar home system industry. Through tremendous hard work and innovation, the industry has been able to reach nearly one million installations. “Over 600 million Africans, however, are still currently living off the grid. To reach the vast numbers of people who remain without clean, reliable and affordable access to power we must think differently. Fenix's technology & brand combined with its partnership with ENGIE provide the ideal platform to reach these households, unlocking massive social, environmental and economic benefits. I am thrilled to join an incredible, Africa-based team committed to the fearless pursuit of this audacious yet achievable goal.”