Cogobuy Group Wins Strategic Contract to Build China's First Healthcare Industry Center

Cogobuy Group, a Hong Kong e-commerce company, has signed with the People's Government of Xiang'an Xiamen, to build China's first healthcare industry center in Xiamen.

Cogobuy confirmed " Commercialization + IC Component Trading Platform" dual business model as the major business focus recently. The commercialization of projects in robot, smart car and AI+ industries is happening. Serving innovative SMEs in emerging industries and applying AI technologies to upgrade traditional enterprises will be the business key points in 2018.

Healthcare has been a new industry which has started adopting AI technology applications. Healthcare innovation has been one of the new areas is building its presence. According to the agreement, the People's Government of Xiang'an Xiamen, Cogobuy, and Deloitte Enterprise Consultants (Shenzhen) Company Limited will jointly establish a new healthcare center in Xiamen's Xiang'an District. The agreement focuses on promoting healthcare projects, establishing healthcare industry investment funds, and the build out of a new healthcare medical data platform. platform now hosts over 1,000 healthcare innovation projects, many of which are likely to be gradually introduced to the new healthcare center.

Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said, "As a global electronics manufacturing hub, Cogobuy is proud of using its resources and experience in the healthcare field to assist the People's Government of Xiang'an Xiamen in realizing its vision for the new healthcare center. The direct sales business has rebounded after reaching a low point in the third quarter last year. With development of commercialization, we are confident that company will resume growth this year."

About Cogobuy Group

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About Xiang'an District of Xiamen

Xiamen is one of the first batch pilot of four cities in constructing big data center of health and medical treatment and related industrial parks of China. Xiang'an District, established by Xiamen government in September 2003, has ranked the second industrial output of Xiamen. Xiang'an District will be developed to be an economic vice-center of Xiamen. In June 2017, the Xiang'an District People's Government of Xiamencooperated with Deloitte to analysis the implementation plan of Xiang'an District big data center of health and medical treatment. In September 2017, the small leading group of big data center was established in Xiang'an.