Russia Blast's U.S. at Annual Press Conference

Today, Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, called out American stupidity and criminality in his annual press conference.

While Russia itself is a master purveyor of propaganda at home and through various state-backed disinformation media organs, the country's upper level politicians are widely respected for speaking the truth and making intelligent observations when speaking publicly and on the record. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is no exception and had some important things to say about the state of the world and the United States in his annual press conference today.

Lavrov took aim at the U.S. and accused Washington of issuing ultimatums and failing to recognize "the reality of the emerging multi-polar world."

"Unfortunately, our American colleagues and their allies still want to do business solely on the basis of issuing ultimatums and do not want to listen to the views of other centers of world politics," he said when asked about Trump's position on the Iran nuclear deal.

"(The Americans) resort to methods that are, largely, questionable and unscrupulous, in order to contain their competitors," Lavrov said.

"They use a number of these methods, from deploying a global missile defence system to unilateral sanctions, to the extraterritorial use of their own legislation or threats to resolve any international problems solely according to their own scenario."

Lavrov echoed what many around the world are thinking and feeling about the U.S. They are fed up with American arrogance, belligerence and continued war mongering. Donald Trump has pushed the issue to the surface where it can no longer be ignored or overlooked and many are wondering what can be done to contain the rogue nation.

One thing an increasing number of countries are doing to disempower the U.S. is to reduce their use of the U.S. dollar and switch to other currencies. Pakistan recently joined an increasing number of countries that have pledged to use the Yuan when doing business with China. 

Many see the U.S. dollar as a house of cards that may collapse when enough countries stop using it. They understand that if the dollar collapses it could wreak havoc on the world economy. In preparation for a realignment of the world economy away from the dollar, China and Russia have both been stockpiling large quantities of gold and China has pledged to back its upcoming Petro-Yuan with gold.