SAFR Now Offers Its Services in Pakistan

Boston, Massachusetts-based Safr, a rideshare service focused on female empowerment, recently announced that it is now offering its services in Pakistan.

While remaining true to its mission of the safety and empowerment of women, the company is expanding its services in South Asia. Earlier, Safr opened its franchises in Lahore and Multan as the women-focused rideshare was receiving an overwhelming response from both cities. Within a couple of months of introducing the service in Pakistan, Safr has built a customer base of thousands of drivers and riders.

Safr is now providing daily on-demand and scheduled rides in Lahore and Multan in addition to its hometown Boston, MA. Safr CEO Pakistan, Ramla Hassan stated, “It’s truly amazing to see incredible Pakistani women ride and drive fearlessly with Safr during odd hours of the day.” She added, “Thousands of people are downloading our Android and iOS apps, and we are processing our driver applications as expeditiously as we can to meet the demand.”

“Safr is committed to empower women anywhere in the world and ridesharing focused on women safety is one of the ways in which we can truly achieve that goal – we are tackling a major problem in transportation specially in the developing world where number of cars per household is either limited or non-existent,” Safr Global CEO, Syed Gilani, added. “Pakistan is only a start, we plan on expanding in the region with the help of our local partners.”

The Safr app offers unique features like in-app calls, SOS button, color match and gender preference. The company’s rigorous driver screening and training allow it to provide a better rideshare experience and safer environment to both women and men.

Drivers and riders interested in joining Safr can visit and download the Safr apps through the App Store or Google Play.