EnGoPlanet Delivers Major Solar Street Light Installation

New York-based EnGoPlanet, a provider of Smart Solar Street Light and Solar Benches, announced that it has completed a solar street light project in Kuwait that resulted in the installation of hundreds of smart solar street light units at the headquarters of the Kuwait oil company.

To date, this is the largest project for this young  American Company. EnGoPlanet has also announced the launch of a new program called "Solar Street Lights Can Help", in which the company aims to partner with large companies and local communities to bring solar lighting solutions to areas affected by Hurricanes Irma, Mary, and Harvey. The first project will take place in Antiqua and Barbuda in March 2018. EnGoPlanet plans to install 30 units of its smart solar street lights.

7 million+ people were affected by the three above mentioned hurricanes, and some areas are still without electricity. Since entire street lighting networks are connected to the power grid, most streets are still in the dark.

The price of solar street lights significantly dropped in recent years, which makes this type of public lighting a natural choice for sunny areas. The company hopes that new tariffs for solar panels will be reconsidered since it may slow the growth and put US companies in difficult positions when they bid for international projects.

Petar Mirovic, CEO of EnGoPlanet, said, "The biggest benefit of our solar powered street lights is that they are completely off-the-grid solutions, meaning that they will work even during blackouts or power outage. Moreover, produced solar energy is clean and free."

He went on to add: "There are many Solar street light solutions on the market, mainly from China, but most of them are very poor quality. Our difference is, that from inception we decided to use only high-quality components for our solar street lights. That is the main reason why we won the competitive project in Kuwait where we had to bid together with largest multibillion companies from this industry."