Tanzania's Registrar of Companies Provides Information for Companies Entering into the Online Registration System

The Government of Tanzania's Registrar of Companies has issued a requirement that all companies in the country must register on the ORS within six months of the opening of the Online Registration System (ORS) on February 1, 2018.

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Further, all companies that were registered before the commencement of the Online Registration System (ORS) by the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA), must be reconciled by officials at the Registry before being entered into the ORS. The uploading of company details must be done by their company directors, company secretaries or their authorised representatives.

On 27 March 2018, through a local newspaper article, BRELA further announced that all companies have a period of six months to comply with the directive to register on the ORS.

Companies that fail to comply will be blocked from making any statutory changes, for example, changes to directors, filing of returns, filing of special resolutions, etc.

To apply for BRELA e-services, users have to be registered on the ORS platform using a National Identification Number for directors who are Tanzanian nationals or a passport number for foreign nationals.