Heads of U.S. & Venezuela Skip Summit of the Americas

For the first time, the Presidents of the U.S. and Venezuela were absent from the Summit of the Americas held April 13 & 14 in Lima. Their absence was appreciated by many.

Trump did not attend because he was too busy launching missiles against Syria and probably wanted to avoid public protests and the usual critcism by other heads of state, and Maduro did not attend because he was not welcome due to his own gross corruption and anti-democratic actions.

This year's theme was “Democratic Governance against Corruption,” something that every country in the Americas continues to struggle with.

The Summit concluded with all countries in attendence accepting the seven page LIMA COMMITMENT to Democratic Governance against Corruption.

The document expresses lofty goals, and like other Summit commitments, it offers no real mechanism by which those goals can be reached. One cannot reasonably expect corrupt heads of state to engineer a real reduction in corruption. While there has been some progress in recent years in some countries, the corruption and lack of democracy will continue unabated in most countries.

Perhaps the next summit, in three years, could be different. Bockchain based digital currencies, like the AMERO, offer the people the means to empower themselves and fund development to support democracy.

One of the projects to be funded by the AMERO will be e-democracy and giving the people the vote on important issues. One of the greatest enablers of corruption is so-called representative democracy, which has been rendered obsolete by modern technology. Now, the people can easily express their own views on issues and no longer have to rely on their elected representatives who usually end up actually representing whoever contributes the most to their campaign.