Journalist Killed in El Salvador

A Salvadoran journalist from an important media outlet was found dead in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

El Salvador, one of the most insecure countries in Central America. Photo: Pato sin charco, CC.

Karla Turcios, 33, who had been reported missing last Saturday, was found strangled on the day of her disappearance. The journalist serves as the web coordinator of the magazine El Economista of La Prensa Gráfica, and according to her family members, she was previously threatened by anonymous people.

The victim's husband said that for a moment there was speculation about a possible kidnapping, but that in the course of time nobody had called him for a ransom. The Presidency of the Republic and the Police informed that they were monitoring the case in charge of the Investigation Branch. At the moment, no more details about the crime have been provided.

The journalists' guild condemned the incident, and international media lamented the fact and violence in which the country lives, and threats to the media by groups of criminals.

Although no feminist organization has spoken about it, this would be another crime against women and freedom of expression. This then becomes an act that can carry double weight for those responsible for the incident.

El Salvador is one of the most violent countries in Central America with a high presence of gangs, who oppose the government and the media.