Samsung CSI China Dragon Internet ETF Fund Launches

A new Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was just launched by Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (SAMHK) to invest in the 30 largest Chinese internet companies. The name of the fund is the Samsung CSI China Dragon Internet ETF.

SAMHK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("SAM"). 

The new ETF aims to correspond closely to the performance of the CSI Global China Internet Index, a benchmark for large-cap Chinese internet stocks.

Under the ticker 2812.HK, the ETF invests in the largest China inter­net companies that have been listed in mainland China, U.S. and Hong Kong for more than 3 months or with an IPO size greater than US$10 billion. The fund will include China's big three internet giants Alibaba, Baidu and Tencentand the newly listed stocks like China Literature and IQIYI.

Carmen Cheung, Head of ETF at SAMHK, says the Samsung CSI China Dragon Internet ETF seeks to capture the returns of next generation global internet giants.

"We strongly believe that China's internet companies will continue to be a dominant force in the global digital economy. With their sustainable growth and associated market capitalizations, we think the China internet sector presents an attractive opportunity for investors," says Ms. Cheung.

Broader global trends suggest that China's influence on the global digital economy will only increase. With a large and young market, Chinese internet companies will continue to expand at home and in global markets.

Peter Lee, Head of Global ETF Strategy at SAM, adds that "There's no doubt that global institutional investors are interested in Chinese companies. Now they have a convenient way of investing in the most promising Chinese Internet companies in various markets and access to relevant IPOs all under one product."