While the U.S. continues to escalate its trade wars, Japan and the European Union will on July 17 sign off on an agreement to eliminate most tariffs between them. It will create a new trading block representing almost a third of the world’s GDP.
We live in an extremely bizarre and frightening era when American citizens are put on a kill list by an artificial intelligence computer system called Skynet which has decided that the person is undesirable and might oppose the U.S.
Our planet continues to heat up and experience record setting high temperatures, just as it has noticeably done for much of the last few decades. Yet, only 73% can accept the fact that our planet is getting hotter, according to the National Surveys on Energy and the Environment.

Blazey Construction LLC Low Bidder on Water, Sewer, and Drainage Improvements for the Reserve At Katy Section 8 in TX at $513,695.40 USD

Systems Electrical Low Bidder on Water Treatment Plant Ozone System Improvements in MA at $128,500.00 USD

Ferri Contracting Co., Inc. Low Bidder on RFP - Primary Clarifier Equipment Replacement *REBID* in PA at $186,000.00 USD

E W Audet & Sons Inc. (ELE) Low Bidder on Generator Replacement - CCRI Liston Campus * REBID* in RI at $474.00 USD

Kern Glass & Aluminum Co. Inc. Low Bidder on CTEC at IHS & Aquatics Center:Standard Project Requirements & Curtain Wall/Storefront Entrances/Aluminum Windows/Glass/Glazing/Skylights - RE-BID in CA at $3,939,710.00 USD

Joao & Bradley Construction Co. Inc. Low Bidder on Cycle 4 Water Main Replacements- - Suburban Division *REBID* in PA at $1,157,134.00 USD

A Lamp Concrete Contractors Low Bidder on 2018 Water Main Improvement in IL at $258,785.00 USD

M P Dory Company Low Bidder on Improvement of FRA-CR GR-FY2019 Guardrail Rehabilitation Project in OH at $165,697.25 USD

Stutz Excavating, Inc. Low Bidder on Storm Water Repairs *AWARDED* in IL at $172,408.00 USD

Abide Builders, Inc. Low Bidder on Pleasant Grove High School, Bio-Science Modular Building project in CA at $560,340.00 USD

L. Marshall, Inc Low Bidder on Johnston Recreation Center Renovation - Roofing Project in IL at $168,600.00 USD

Catts Construction Low Bidder on Orchard Park Drive Storm Sewer Outfall Repair & Storm Drainage Improvements in OH at $369,620.95 USD

NetCompliance Environmental Services LLC Low Bidder on Hazardous Building Materials Abatement and Selective Demolition Work Order in WA at $314,530.45 USD

Tacoma Pump & Drilling Co Inc Low Bidder on Hurd Creek Hatchery Well Relocation in WA at $143,400.00 USD

SRV Construction Low Bidder on Sunnyside Overlay in WA at $644,702.30 USD

Palasota Contracting, LLC Low Bidder on Partridge Circle Drainage Improvements in TX at $63,820.00 USD

C.A. Carey Corporation Low Bidder on Lakefront Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project in WA at $2,042,707.00 USD

Mid-state Communications Low Bidder on Emergency Communications System Project - Phase 2 Site Construction in NY at $339,900.00 USD

Carlisle Services, LLC Low Bidder on Lowder Hall - Rm 125, Classroom Renovations in AL at $129,500.00 USD

Proteck Roofing Ltd. Low Bidder on Partial Roof Replacement At Magna Centre, 800 Mulock Drive in Ont at $680,657.00 CAD

F & H Construction Low Bidder on SCC Mohr Hall Replacement in CA at $17,659.00 USD

Summit Solutions Group Low Bidder on PSERN Radio System Multi Site Improvement - Bid Package 6 in WA at $1,669,914.00 USD

Ward And Burke Tunneling, Inc. Low Bidder on Dugway Regulators and Relief Sewers * RE-BID* in OH at $4,989,425.00 USD

Northeast Electric, LLC Low Bidder on School Street Mid-block Crossing *RE-BID* in WA at $75,417.00 USD

Colonna's Shipyard Inc Low Bidder on CG Propeller Shaft Repairs in PA at $2,305,780.86 USD

Robert E. Thomas Low Bidder on USDA Forest Service Nantahala (Wayah) Ranger District Road Maintenance IDIQ in NC at $900,000.00 USD

Robert E Thomas Low Bidder on USDA Froest Service NFNC Tusquitee RD Road Maintenance IDIQ in NC at $298,700.00 USD

Beckwith Electronic Systems, LLC Low Bidder on TSBVI Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System, Upgrade and Repair in TX at $395,000.00 USD

Morgan Marine Salvage & Recovery Llc Low Bidder on Derelict Vessel Removal in FL at $3,900.00 USD

St. Clair Construction Low Bidder on Re-roof Nespelem Community Center in WA at $395,000.00 USD

IML Security Supply Low Bidder on Annual Requirements Contract for Keys and Locks Countywide in NV at $25,000.00 USD

Cache Valley Electric Low Bidder on IFB - Kestrel Rise & South Jordan Parkway Traffic Signal *RE-BID* in UT at $206,970.25 USD

Diamond Contractors LLC Low Bidder on Road Repairs in ID at $1,528,600.00 USD

Alpha Space Control Inc Low Bidder on Pavement Painting / Striping of Various Crosswalks, Stop Bars, Center Lines, Lane Lines, Hash Lines, Parking Areas in PA at $23,867.33 USD

Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC Corporation Low Bidder on Amplifier Video in TX at $83,998.30 USD

Epsilon Engineering Low Bidder on Handrails & Gates Project in CA at $130,000.00 USD

Terra Pave, Inc. Low Bidder on Paving at Various Sites in CA at $89,400.00 USD

ABC Enterprises Low Bidder on Traffic Island/Median Line Trimming in Ont at $13,621.92 CAD

Inland Asphalt Company Low Bidder on Euclid Avenue Preservation in WA at $1,432,242.00 USD

Inland Asphalt Co. Low Bidder on Mission Avenue Preservation - McDonald to Evergreen in WA at $713,925.00 USD

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