While other automakers look to investments or acquisitions in disruptive technology, Toyota Motor Corp. just announced it is putting $1 billion into SE Asian ride-sharing company Grab Taxi Holdings Pte. Ltd. It could be a turning point for the whole industry.
With three other major Middle East wins for chemical and gas processing plant work already this year, SNC-LavalinSN continued its roll with a $1.9 billion award for the design and engineering of a new chemical plant in Oman.
This week alone, Facebook revealed two more mistakes in mishandling user data without permission. One was to four Chinese companies over a period of years in a case that may violate a 2011 FTC agreement. The other opened up 14 million users' private posts for four days in May and made them public without their consent. The worst is yet to come.
In recent months, Donald Trump has been on a roll complaining about how is underpaying shipping charges on packages shipped through the U.S. Postal Service. We do not support Amazon’s predatory business practices, but the truth is that Amazon is probably paying what it should in the current circumstances. The issue is considerably more complicated than either side of this argument is explaining.
If you had any doubts about Facebook’s intentions, you can now let go of them and firmly accept that Facebook does not serve the needs of its users but has aligned itself with dark forces to hurt you and your family.
Right after CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled the world to apologize for the Cambridge Analytica data breach, yet another case of Facebook’s sharing data without user permission just showed up.
Shell Bolivia just began drilling at the Jaguar X6 natural gas well with an investment of 109 million dollars. This is the first project drilled in the Huacareta block that extends over an area of 4,537 square kilometers.
Cuban aviation authorities report delays in flights at the Jose Marti International Airport, after a tragic plane crash involving 104 people plus the foreign crew, of which there are at least 3 survivors.
Texas Tech University just opened its first headquarters outside the United States. This one is located in Costa Rica, and is backed with an initial investment of $10 million to get it started.
United Airlines announced increases to daily flights between Houston and Havana as of July 20.
In a surprise announcement, students at Barnard College, an elite women’s liberal arts college, voted in April to ask their school to dump investments in three major companies that do business with Israel.
After one of its managers called for the police to arrest two black men for “sitting without ordering” in one of its stores, Starbucks responded with a plan to close its 8,000 U.S. stores on May 29 for employee training on the subject of implicit racial bias and its role in discrimination. It was a bold move designed to garner media attention and make customers think that the company takes racism seriously, but the reality of Starbucks’ actions indicates the opposite.
Refinery Esmeraldas, the largest in Ecuador, is shut down temporarily due to electrical failures that caused damages to its Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCC). The government of former President Rafael Correa improved the electric system with a repowering process but this incident shows that it should continue to improve.
What if there was no shortage of money and everyone had at least enough to satisfy all of their basic needs while still performing a useful role in society?
The continued repression of the government of Daniel Ortega over the media and Protestants affects the tourism sector in Nicaragua, which despite companies offering discounts, visitors are still cancelling reservations due to lack of security in the country.
Empresas turísticas nicaragüenses ofrecen descuentos a los visitantes como estrategia para recuperarse de la escasez, muchos turistas dejaron el país debido a los hechos de violencia que se dieron la semana pasada.
Nicaraguan tourism companies are offering discounts to visitors as a strategy to recover from losses when many tourists left the country due to the acts of violence that occurred last week.
In 2013, the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Company was riding high. It was just awarded the contract to build an alternative to the Panama Canal connecting the oceans from the government of Nicaragua. On April 18, 2018 it shut down its Hong Kong offices and left no forwarding address.
On April 17 the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case involving state sales taxes on e-commerce companies. Billions of dollars of state tax revenues are at stake in the decision.
After shipping over 11 million diesel-powered vehicles designed to fake meeting emissions standards, Volkswagen now has a new CEO charged with polishing up the tarnished brand. Will this be enough?
The MSC Cruise recently crashed into the Roatan dock in the Caribbean of Honduras. Although there were no casualties, the pier was almost completely destroyed and the damage total is currently at $10,000.
Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA) noted that the country reached a historic peak of export of cars in the month of March. Most of the cars were shipped to United States and Canada, the two other countries (with Mexico) associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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