Cuban aviation authorities report delays in flights at the Jose Marti International Airport, after a tragic plane crash involving 104 people plus the foreign crew, of which there are at least 3 survivors.
United Airlines announced increases to daily flights between Houston and Havana as of July 20.
On April 23rd, CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii hit the highest average daily level so far for 2018 at 412.37 ppm, with a peak hourly level above 413 ppm.
In 2016 the Panama Papers disclosed ugly truths about the many tax havens located around the world. Roughly half the companies identified there are located in one place: the British Virgin Islands. A new law aims to force financial transparency in all British territories.
The Cuban Parliament nominated current Vice President Miguel Díaz Canel to become the next President of Cuba, which for more than half a century was under the power of the Castro family. Likewise, the National Assembly will appoint other officials to form the highest governing body of that country.

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