Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau may sound like he’s all for doing everything to keep global warming down, but almost everything that his government does is guaranteed to make things worse.
In a new analysis, scientist Paul Beckwith explains why the Earth is rapidly approaching a Blue Ocean event, the disappearance of almost all ice from the Arctic, with potentially catastrophic effects.
On September 10, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that commits California to running 100% on clean power by 2045.
On September 6, the Tennessee Valley Authority was sued for demanding electricity rates which intentionally discourage businesses and homeowners from investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
A just-published report says there is over $26 trillion in economic benefits out there in the Green Economy if countries would just go out and grab it.
Why it’s happening may not even matter anymore, but the months of July 2016, July 2017 and July 2018 have now logged in as the hottest ever for at least 120,000 years.
An abandoned tunnel in the Republic of Korea is showing up as an unlikely successful incubator for what could be the future of farming for much of the world.
A new research study shows that living around polluted air is causing serious damage to human intelligence.
19 mayors from Paris, France to Portland, Oregon just signed a pledge to guarantee all buildings in their cities will operate at net-zero carbon by 2050.
Recent satellite imagery shows that much of the Arctic’s oldest ice is gone.
According to a just-published research study, some critical crops around the world are about to get a lot less healthy as more carbon dioxide floods the atmosphere.