On June 19, Donald Trump issued an executive order which effectively turns over yet another precious natural resource for big business to plunder. This time it’s America’s oceans, lakes and waterways which will feel the pain.
By January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization's new rules will force the sulfur content for “bunker” fuel used in shipping to cut from the current 3.5 percent to less than 0.5 percent. There are costs for this, however, as Canada is beginning to understand.
With many pollinating insects faced with extinction, the EU has finally stepped up and on June 1st passed a new initiative to address the problem.
A pesar que la vaquita marina se acerca a la extinción, el Centro de Patrimonio Mundial (CPM) de la UNESCO y la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) han recomendado posponer el estatus de patrimonio mundial “en peligro” a las Islas y Áreas Protegidas del Golfo de California. El retraso llega a pesar del fracaso del Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto de proteger a la vaquita.
According to a new study, the U.S. National Wildlife Refuges, originally set aside to protect living things in the wild, are being flooded with hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic pesticides each year.
With 80 percent of the population living in urban areas and a vehicle fleet that is growing at the fastest rate in the world, Latin America has the conditions to begin the transition to electric mobility – but public policies are not, at least for now, up to the task.
Near the end of May, ten families and a youth group sued the European Parliament. The grounds: the EU has failed its obligation to protect them all from rising greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
On April 23rd, CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii hit the highest average daily level so far for 2018 at 412.37 ppm, with a peak hourly level above 413 ppm.
Until humanity transitions from oil to other more sustainable forms of energy or our civilization collapses from the effects of runaway climate change, we will continue to need oil. But which oil we use is of critical importance. Some oil comes with much greater harm than others, and there is no oil source more damaging than Canada’s tar sands.
Like everything else related to global warming and climate change, at both ends of the globe, polar ice is melting far faster than officially predicted.
After mass protests from conservationists, a license issued by the Scottish Natural Heritage to allow a mass culling of ravens in central Scotland is under review and may be revoked.
The Yakama Nation is going after the companies trying to evade their responsibility for dumping heavy metals and toxic chemicals into Portland Harbor on the Willamette River.
Reserva Biológica Indio Maíz en Nicaragua sufre trágico incendio y deja cuantiosas pérdidas de vidas silvestres y recursos forestales. El Pueblo nicaragüense y organismos ambientalistas responsabilizan al Gobierno por falta de manejo conservacionista y preventivo. Ortega impide a bomberos forestales de Costa Rica y deja que el incendio se extienda.
No matter how you make the comparison, glaciers in Alaska’s Denali National Park are breaking record after record for their current rate of melting.
Indio Maiz Biological Reserve in Nicaragua recently suffered a tragic fire that leaves a great loss of wildlife and forest resources. The Nicaraguan people and environmental agencies blame the Government for lack of conservationist and preventive management. Ortega is currently rejecting Costa Rican aid to help, and instead is requesting support from Mexico.
A new report was just released that shows just how dangerous fracking is as a public health threat.
The Trump administration has quietly named Susan Combs — an outspoken foe of endangered species and a climate change denier — as acting assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks. She now oversees the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the endangered species it protects.
At 7:45 pm PST on March 26th, Sea Shepherd vessel M/V SHARPIE came upon an illegal gillnet within the Vaquita Refuge in the Northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
With help from the corrupt Japanese government, 333 whales were illegally killed for profit.
The Government of Nicaragua complied with the sanction imposed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) making payment of $378,890.59 to Costa Rica. This fine was imposed for wetland damage on the Costa Rican side of the San Juan River.
Our planet's oceans are an essential part of life on Earth. More than half of the oxygen we breath comes from the oceans and it is likely that life first originat¬ed in the primordial seas.
FACT: The herbicide glyphosate (Roundup®) causes damage to the DNA of soil microbes. This results in genetic mutations in bacteria, fungus, virus and insects and entirely new pathogens.

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