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Florida Power & Light plans to construct its first-ever solar power center in Miami-Dade County under a 10-year plan submitted to state utility officials early last year.
McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, has vowed to reduce its waste by having 100 percent of its packaging sourced from renewable, recycled or certified sources and by recycling packaging in 100 percent of its restaurants - all by 2025.
A new predictive tool developed by NASA is painting the future flooding out of London and New York in the not-too-distant future.
California solar power company Cypress Creek Renewables is launching a new 75-megawatt solar project in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.
German holding company E.ON has started construction on the Stella Windfarm, a 201-megawatt (MW) project located in Kenedy County, Texas.
Massachusetts-based global think-tank and consulting company GeoAdaptive is launching its first office in Latin America, located in Santiago, Chile.
The Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC), a consumer-owned electric distribution cooperative in Johnson, Vermont, has opened two new community solar projects - one in Hinesburg and one in Grand Isle, Vermont.
Florida Power & Light has announced the retirement of one of Florida's largest coal-fired power plants and the opening of four new solar power plants comprised of more than 1 million solar panels, improving FPL's carbon emissions profile.
As a means both of doing good for the environment and attracting attention to its products, South African waterless carwash products distributor PearlSA is challenging the country's water-based carwashes to make the switch to waterless polymer-based vehicle cleaning.
To help balance the needs of Canada's marine shipping industry and that of the precious Arctic environment, Transport Canada just introduced its new Arctic Shipping Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations. The regulations incorporate the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (the Polar Code) into Canada's domestic legislation.
UN Environment and the World Health Organization have agreed a new, wide-ranging collaboration to accelerate action to curb environmental health risks that cause an estimated 12.6 million deaths a year.
Transportation is now the leading cause of air pollution and greenhouse gases in the USA. Republicans and Trump want to make it far worse.
A landmark law that bans the use of all solid microplastic ingredients in rinse-off cosmetic products has officially come into force in the United Kingdom.
The State of California will no longer be permitted to spray whatever pesticide it wants wherever it wants.
Seventeen farming groups in Wisconsin have received the state’s latest round of Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grants allowing the farmers to work with conservation agencies and organizations to address soil and water issues tailored to their local conditions.
The European Union (EU) has awarded EUR1.12 million (BBD$2.7 million) to the Caribbean island nation of Barbados for the advancement of energy self-sufficiency from renewable resources.
Twenty-three communities in West Virginia will receive $1.3 million in Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP) Recycling Assistance Grant funding from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP).
Ohio-based utility Appalachian Power has selected Coronal Energy, a renewable energy provider in California, to build and operate its first-ever photovoltaic solar generation project.
New York energy company Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company has purchased Georgia Mountain Community Wind (GMCW) located in Chittenden and Franklin Counties, Vermont, for $25.1 million.
The city of Providence, Rhode Island is unveiling JUMP Bikes, one of New England’s first electric bike share systems, in summer 2018.
The South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources has approved $10.8 million for water, wastewater, solid waste and recycling projects in the state.
It isn't enough that humans are inadvertently causing the most rapid mass extinction of life our planet has ever experienced. Now the U.S. military is developing programs to deliberately extinguish select species.

SPV LLC Low Bidder on SOLE SOURCE - Moe's Southwest Grill *AWARDED* in IL at $315,000.00 USD

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Low Bidder on Accreditation and Assessment Services in HI at $71,100.00 USD

D&D Contractors, Inc Low Bidder on Park Village Unit 3A in TX at $2,293,025.80 USD

Grace Pacific Corp. Low Bidder on IFB - Kuhio Highway Resurfacing *RE-BID* in HI at $4,849,999.00 USD

Max Construction Low Bidder on Vista Del Camino Unit 1185 Fire Repair Project *REBID* *AWARDED* in CA at $35,570.00 USD

The Boeing Company Low Bidder on ECP 6456C1 - EA-18G 24-Channel Fiber Channel Network Switch (FCNS-24) Retrofit Installation in MO at $464,284.00 USD

Dr. Critter Low Bidder on Bat Eradication and Prevention At Eastmonte Park in FL at $3,787.00 USD

J Carrizal General Construction Low Bidder on Vocational Park Improvements in TX at $155,802.30 USD

Manatt's, Inc. Low Bidder on 114, 60-C060-116 - PCC Overlay - Unbonded in IA at $3,354,726.19 USD

Iowa Bridge and Culvert, LC Low Bidder on 112, 52-1557-644 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $1,758,552.84 USD

Langman Construction Low Bidder on 111, 52-1557-639 - PCC Pavement - Grade/Replace in IA at $7,186,554.84 USD

Horsfield Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on 110, 49-C049-071 - PCC Pavement - New in IA at $1,311,884.73 USD

Carley Construction LLC Low Bidder on 109, 43-0301-161 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $465,044.06 USD

Flynn Co Inc Low Bidder on 108, 41-C041-124 - PCC Pavement - Replace in IA at $5,372,556.83 USD

Cedar Valley Corporation Low Bidder on 107, 34-C034-098 - PCC Pavement - Grade/Replace in IA at $1,334,086.63 USD

OEL Construction Services Inc Low Bidder on 105, 21-7170-625 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $438,405.50 USD

Croell, Inc. Low Bidder on 104, 19-C019-088 - PCC Pavement - New in IA at $1,629,097.95 USD

Dixon Construction Company Low Bidder on 103, 14-1125-615 - PCC Pavement Widening in IA at $1,449,835.78 USD

North Florida Property Preservation, LLC Low Bidder on E2X43-R0 - Edge and Sweep Sidewalks, Driveways in FL at $93,635.50 USD

P&S Paving Inc. Low Bidder on E2X19-R0 - Mill and Resurface State Roads in FL at $328,050.00 USD

V E Whitehurst & Sons Inc Low Bidder on E2X13 - Asphalt Repairs in FL at $102,300.00 USD

Traffic Control Devices, Inc Low Bidder on E2W93 - Electrical Work, Traffic Signal in FL at $594,594.00 USD

Frank J. Capallia Low Bidder on E2W27 - Power Shearing, Trim Trees, and Removal of Brush in FL at $125,355.00 USD

Evans Contracting Services, Inc. Low Bidder on E2W12 - Repair Storm Drains in FL at $307,777.77 USD

Anderson Columbia Co., Inc. Low Bidder on E2W10 - Asphalt Concrete in FL at $187,333.85 USD

Bre-ex Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Colonel Talbot Pumping Station Trunk Sanitary Sewer - Contract 1 in Ont at $1,179,461.31 CAD

Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. Low Bidder on E2V93 - Mill, Place and Compact Asphalt Concrete in FL at $324,656.32 USD

Masonry Restoration Low Bidder on Charles Allis Museum Exterior Improvements in WI at $229,040.00 USD

Phillips and Jordan Inc. Low Bidder on Remove Trees in CA at $2,017,647.42 USD

Mercer-Fraser Company Low Bidder on Place Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt, Bonded Wearing Course in CA at $3,702,471.50 USD

Granite Rock Company Low Bidder on 04-4G8304 - SB-Dir Polyester Concrete and NB-Dir Structural Concrete Deck in CA at $3,054,543.36 USD

Selzer Werderitsch Associates Low Bidder on Becker Communication Studies Building - Install Lighting in Room 101*RE-BID* in IA at $134,100.00 USD

Dustin Construction Low Bidder on Construction of Parkway Elementary School in VA at $27,209,000.00 USD

MCM Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Gateway park Blvd Bridge Widening Project. in CA at $1,571,694.00 USD

Platform Cement, Inc. Low Bidder on Edgewater Beach Waterline Replacement in OH at $137,280.00 USD

Bragaton Construction Inc Low Bidder on Rehabilitation of the Chetwynd Water Storage Tank *REBID* in NJ at $776,000.00 USD

Master Marine Inc. Low Bidder on CGC Saginaw Dockside in AL at $415,451.00 USD

Hensel Phelps Construction Co Low Bidder on Design Build Contract for the Bridging Design-Build construction services for the New U.S. Courthouse, Nashville, Tennessee in GA at $128,084,940.00 USD

People-Tec, Inc. Low Bidder on TEAMS International Engineering - HQ0147-16-R-0016 in AL at $33,600,888.00 USD

Barajas Construction Low Bidder on NELNIF Minor Rehab-Gomez in TX at $11,845.00 USD

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