After a surge in crude oil prices that took it from under $45/barrel a year ago to over $70 in May, the oil industry has been feeling good recently. As a critical OPEC meeting looms this week and a proposed Chinese tariff on U.S. crude oil surfaced, prices dropped to $63.82/barrel, the lowest in over two months. It may drop further if Saudi Arabia and Russia get their way.
Once again citing national security, Trump just pushed forward another $50 billion in tariffs against China. Like the ones already put in place on solar products, steel and aluminum, these may hurt the U.S. at least as much as they are going to hurt China.
At the end of an intense two days of meetings, Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un signed what they called a comprehensive agreement. It is an important first step for what might turn into lasting peace for the region.
In Costa Rica there is a concept of "pura vida" (pure life). If you ask someone how they are they may reply "pura vida". Or if you ask them if they are going to work today they might just say "pura vida". Ask them how their beer is and the response could also be "pura vida". That "pure life" is about to get even better.
In a case with potential landmark implications, a lawsuit brought by a group of Indians against a power plant built in Gujarat, India, is going to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.
On June 8, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced that the critical defense technology laboratories at Los Alamos would continue to be run by the University of California. This comes despite many serious safety violations and a track record of failing to deliver on commitments.
Following inconsistent and contradictory testimony from EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at two congressional hearings, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a motion with a federal judge seeking to depose Pruitt on how his office creates and maintains official records to comply with transparency and open-records laws.
Shared Services Canada awarded a $500 million contract to IBM Canada in November 2017 without even asking for a competitive bid. Since IBM Canada is a subsidiary of U.S.-based multinational IBM, this move also represents a considerable insult to the viability of Canadian IT technology companies as potential alternative bidders.
A battle involving Tennessee’s public workers, its Republican governor and the former chancellor of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is providing us all with a master class in how corruption works in action.
The recent G7 summit accomplished far more than most realize. It unfortunately was not what most anyone wanted.
Since mid-April, the government of Nicaragua has been in an escalating battle with its citizens over everything from environmental issues to seizing the assets of its pension and social security systems. Despite clear signs the Nicaraguan government is actively listening to the complaints of its people and making at least some changes, the protests continue to escalate. Now the questions are turning to whether there are others who may be pouring fuel behind the scenes to keep the protest fires alive.
A new Pentagon report says it could be hard for the United States to keep up with the escalating strain of having to fight more wars every year.
It is true that prior to Trump, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was sometimes overzealous, incompetent, unfair and predatory. But it was also frequently the only thing standing between polluting criminal corporations and the well-being of the environment and our health. So, yes, it definitely needed some improvement, but it did not need to be disemboweled and turned into a monster, which is exactly what is happening. The barbarians are not just inside the gate – they are now in control.
Israel's track record of crimes against children goes back to the original founding of the nation. It is disturbing but is an important record that should not be ignored.
Someone needs to alert Donald Trump: there is no “Get Out of Jail Free” card just for being president. -- John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute.
While charges of abuse from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency continue to rise, cities and communities across the country have decided they have had enough. They are now putting the agency “on trial” for how it has treated people.
In March, an Ohio company planning to shut down three uncompetitive nuclear power plants begged Energy Secretary Perry to bail them out. The White House is now claiming unusual national security powers to keep those plants -- along with the entire nuclear and coal industry -- alive and profitable.
When Donald Trump ordered punitive tariffs on solar energy panels and components, he said it would save U.S. jobs and help make America great again. Early results say it is doing just the opposite, as the industry predicted.
To force the embattled Trans Mountain Pipeline extension through, the Canadian government is buying the whole pipeline for $4.5 billion. That may get the project moving again but there are many in line still determined to stop it.
According to a newly-published report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the real death count for Puerto Rico as a direct result of Hurricane Maria is at least 4600. That is almost 72 times as high as what the government of Puerto Rico reported, which was that only 64 died because of the storm.
Presidential elections just held in Colombia were not decisive enough to determine an outcome, with the rightist candidate Iván Duque only able to secure a plurality of 39.13% of the votes. Second in the elections was leftist Gustavo Petro, with 25.09% of the votes cast. Their runoff election, to be held on June 17, will not just pick a President; it could also determine the future of the current peace agreement with the FARC guerillas.
The Royal Bank of Canada just changed its description of Taiwan from referring to it as a country to calling it a province of China. This is the first financial institution in Canada to cave in to a Chinese government crackdown on how foreign companies refer to the country.

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