In a surprise decision, the Supreme Court in Israel said an American student previously imprisoned and denied her visa could stay, calling the government’s decision to block her “a radical and dangerous step”.
The White House says the U.S. will soon pull out of the current 144-year-old United Postal Union Treaty because it is yet another agreement that treats America badly.
Saudi Arabia's childish response to exposure and sanctions for killing Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is to threaten to cut oil production and cause prices to rise.
Under a new law, FEMA must explain how it awarded emergency contracts last year to a company new to government contracts and with no experience with the products it was supposed to deliver.
Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) reportedly will shortly issue tender documents for the contract to build approximately AED 10 billion ($2.7 billion) in substructures for the Al Maktoum International Airport.
The International Court of Justice began hearings Monday on a case Iran filed against the U.S. for seizing $2 billion in funds without proof of any crime.
Newly-signed agreements to buy military equipment from Russia and oil from Iran put India straight in U.S. diplomatic cross-hairs.
In late October, Ottawa will host representatives of major trading nations from around the world to discuss reforms for the World Trade Organization; China and the U.S. were not invited.
The destruction of the Environmental Protection Agency continued this week – with the just-announced appointment of a former Koch Industries engineer in a key senior position.
Just as California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill protecting Californians from big telecom companies having the power to selectively throttle different internet services, the U.S. Justice Department filed suit to have the law thrown out.
With only hours to spare from a U.S.-set deadline to complete it by September 30, Canada and the U.S. have reached agreement on the core terms for their part of the NAFTA renegotiation.
Italy's latest budget features a radical new basic income program and tax cuts for millions, but it's driving its dangerous deficits much higher.
During his recent speech at the UN, Donald Trump proclaimed the U.S. would not stand for the OPEC oil cartel “ripping off” the world.
As talks regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union continue to break down, British export orders have fallen to their lowest since October 2017.
After a vicious election campaign between admitted corrupt President Abdulla Yameen and opposition leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the opposition candidate appears to have won the election with a 16% margin.
While Russia and China conducted joint war games in another region, Japan began extended military drills in the contested South China Sea.
An as-yet-unpassed proposed landmark copyright law in the European Union now includes a requirement for internet service providers to install “upload filters” to keep copyrighted materials from being uploaded.
As Donald Trump authorized tariffs on $200 billion more of Chinese products, China readied its own next wave of taxes on incoming U.S. goods.
As Hurricane Florence’s assault on the Carolinas loomed as further proof of climate change, the White House released yet another rollback of rules designed to minimize dangerous fossil fuel emissions.
The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office just announced the U.S. deficit will hit $1 trillion by the end of 2018, as tax cuts and spending increases prove to do almost nothing to help long-term economic growth.
As Russian and Chinese forces begin what could be the biggest war games ever held, what is happening between the countries behind the scenes is even bigger.
The United Nations has launched work on the world's first legally-binding intergovernmental treaty to regulate and secure the "high seas" around the world.