Mastercard and U.S. financial institution defendants have recently agreed to pay a sum of $6.2 billion to settle a multidistrict litigation of credit-card interchange or swipe fees filed by a class of U.S. retailers in 2005.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission just opened a new portal to connect with companies having questions regarding all sorts of FinTech issues.
The outgoing chairman of Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission said it needs to work to regulate – not ban – cryptocurrencies.
In its latest World Economic Outlook report distributed on October 10, the International Monetary Fund expressed concerns cryptocurrencies could weaken the world financial system.
Smart Dubai, a UAE government enterprise, recently announced it will be integrating blockchain into the country’s $3 billion digital payment platform, DubaiPay.
The Federal Reserve Board just announced it was raising interest rates, with the warning that it will probably be doing so again soon.
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service and central tax authorities from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands have come together to minimize how much cryptocurrencies are being used commit crimes and evade taxes.
President Mauricio Macri and other officials have been indicted on criminal charges for their role in accepting a US $50 billion standby loan from the International Monetary Fund, without authorization from Congress.
Prime Minister Modi’s announcement to remove all 500-rupee and 1,000 rupee notes as an anti-crime move ended up mostly destabilizing the country’s cash-dependent ‘informal economy’.
The World Bank just launched an $80 million worldwide R&D experiment that could change forever the way money is managed.
The International Digital Monetary Council (IDMC), a non-profit think-tank, is making good progress on developing the policy and regulatory framework for regional centrally managed digital currencies such as the AMERO.
The AMERO payment system is now fully functional and AMERO transactions are taking place.
The AMERO people's digital currency has been temporarily delayed due to highly sophisticated fraud in vendor registrations.
The New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS group will open this year the Regional Office of the Americas in Brazil to progressively support the growing variety of operations of the bank in the country.
When Venezuela launched its Petro cryptocurrency formally in March, it did not take long for the U.S. to block U.S. companies and individuals from having anything to do with it. A Russian bank may have just come to its rescue.
What if there was no shortage of money and everyone had at least enough to satisfy all of their basic needs while still performing a useful role in society?
La Dirección de Contrainteligencia Militar arrestó por sorpresa a 11 ejecutivos del Banesco, principal banco privado de Venezuela, acusado de favorecer “por acción u omisión” una red de transacciones cambiarias ilegales. El banco será intervenido por el Estado por un periodo de 90 días.
In a surprise, the Military Counterintelligence Directorate arrested executives of Banesco, Venezuela's main private bank, on allegation of favoring "by action or omission" a network of illegal exchange transactions. The bank will be taken over by the bank for a period of 90 days.
The central bank of Argentina continues to raise its interest rates to keep hyperinflation from destroying the country. It is the third raise this week.
With U.S. President Trump’s decision on recertification of the Iran nuclear non-proliferation agreement only weeks away, Iran’s central bank has banned cryptocurrencies from all transactions. The country fears charges of crypto money-laundering could give Trump yet another excuse to reinstate sanctions.
As more teachers strike for increased school funding and tax-payers resist higher taxes to pay for it, there is a solution at hand.
George Soros and other major fund managers had been complaining that the volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them a bad investment. Now they are entering the market in a big way themselves.