On April 23rd, CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii hit the highest average daily level so far for 2018 at 412.37 ppm, with a peak hourly level above 413 ppm.

Leebcor Service, LLC Low Bidder on Guardian Angel Facility at Patrick Air Force Base, FL in FL at $22,573,386.00 USD

Illumina, Inc. Low Bidder on DNA Sequencing Systems Maintenance *Sole Source*Awarded* in IL at $194,318.50 USD

GAML Inc. Low Bidder on Summit County DSSS Springfield WWTP Roof Replacement Project -- Rebid in OH at $172,900.00 USD

Broadband Communications Low Bidder on Long Avenue Water Bores in FL at $135,600.00 USD

Wildish Construction Co. Low Bidder on Or126: Cornerstone Dr. To Terry St. Sec. in OR at $5,681,928.00 USD

Asplundh Tree Expert Company Low Bidder on Circuit 12-988 - East Arlington distribution and transmission line clearance in WA at $453,000.00 USD

CPM Development dba: Eugene Sand & Gravel Low Bidder on OR99W: Monmouth - Mountain View Creek Bridge Sec. Paving in OR at $5,664,000.00 USD

Duncan Parking Technologies, Inc. Low Bidder on SOLE SOURCE - Meter Parts *AWARDED* in IL at $105,000.00 USD

Cadman Materials, Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Pavement Preservation Program in WA at $1,214,328.60 USD

Rognlins Inc.  Low Bidder on East Bay Force Main Relocation in WA at $270,248.32 USD

Quality Contractors Low Bidder on Improvements/Expansion, WWAMI Medical Education Building in ID at $3,055,000.00 USD

S & L Underground Low Bidder on AE1550GC - STA Bus Routing in WA at $491,050.00 USD

TurbinePROs, LLC Low Bidder on Rock Island Powerhouse 2 U1, U4 and U6 Draft Tube Gate Refurbishments in WA at $615,686.18 USD

Clearwater Construction & Management Low Bidder on College Avenue Steam Tunnel Lid Repair in WA at $677,600.00 USD

Ross Builders Northwest, LLC Low Bidder on Chavez & Bridger Modulars in OR at $1,140,150.00 USD

Wildish Standard Paving Co. Low Bidder on Northeast Halsey/Weidler Streetscape in OR at $4,296,640.52 USD

Prime Mechanical of Wisconsin Low Bidder on Classroom Renovation in WI at $94,800.00 USD

Shipsview Inc Low Bidder on Selective Siding Replacement in MA at $133,333.00 USD

MKD Construction Low Bidder on Silva Valley Parkway Class 1 and Class 2 Bike Lanes *RE-BID* in CA at $1,630,571.80 USD

Sierra Santa Fe Corp Low Bidder on 2018 Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Chip Seal Project in WA at $54,208.08 USD

Gmg General Inc Low Bidder on Pleasant Valley Subdivision Road and Drainage Improvements - Phase 1A in AK at $2,652,618.75 USD

Henry W. Bergman, Inc. Low Bidder on Manhattan Marsh Debris Removal and Site Restoration Project in OH at $64,222.00 USD

Eagle-Elsner, Inc. Low Bidder on River Road Shoulder Widening Farmington Rd to Scholls Ferry Rd in OR at $1,985,589.00 USD

Beynon Sports Surfaces, Inc. Low Bidder on Civic Track Resurface and Marking in WA at $209,669.00 USD

Woleske Construction Co. Low Bidder on Fox Crossing Utilities Midway Rd & Railroad Easement Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bursting in WI at $194,298.00 USD

McClure & Sons, Inc. Low Bidder on Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility (PPWWTF) Membrane Upgrades in WA at $3,159,187.00 USD

Pruhs Corporation Low Bidder on Birchwood Airport Taxiway and Apron Reconstruction in AK at $4,554,837.00 USD

Quality Asphalt Paving Inc Low Bidder on Abbott Road Rehabilitation – Phase II in AK at $5,167,568.00 USD

Island Carpet, Inc Low Bidder on IFB - Nantucket High & Middle School Library Renovation in MA at $62,564.80 USD

Colvico Inc Low Bidder on Underground Electrical Services - SR99 Pedestrian & Stormwater Improvement Project in WA at $144,638.76 USD

Summit Construction Low Bidder on Install ASEL Deplane Hallway in WA at $401,222.15 USD

Magnum Power LLC Low Bidder on PWC - Install 1.25 Miles of 12kv Double Circuit Underbuild Along West Marine View Drive in WA at $648,276.16 USD

Black Pearl Paving & Excavation Low Bidder on Gardiner Sanitary District Collection System I/I Repairs in OR at $349,725.00 USD

Northeast Electric, LLC Low Bidder on I-5, Express Lanes Entrances Electronic Sign Replacement in WA at $1,882,088.00 USD

N. A. Degerstrom, Inc., Low Bidder on SR 26, Railroad Bridge - Deck Repair in WA at $1,086,510.00 USD

Northeast Electric, LLC Low Bidder on I-90, USFS RD 9030 Interchange - Replace Lighting System in WA at $376,284.00 USD

Alex Hodge Construction Low Bidder on Crescent Lake State Airport Runway Pavement Rehabilitation in OR at $682,286.50 USD

N & N Construction Inc Low Bidder on Boundary Dam Entrance Roadway Realignment in WA at $1,698,982.00 USD

Roxy Ann Rock Low Bidder on Village Center Park in OR at $752,424.90 USD

Ffosil Contracting and Management Low Bidder on Wood Siding Removal, Installation and Painting - *RE-BID* in OR at $79,498.00 USD

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