HawkEye 360, an aerospace company located in Virginia, announced that that it has selected Norway’s Kongsberg Satellite Service to provide ground station services for its Pathfinder mission.
The ability to early detect cancerous tumors that are usually diagnosed after they have developed extensively would not only increase the chance of recovery significantly but also reduce the need for expensive, stressful treatment.
Software AG, an enterprise software company based in Germany, announced a partnership with Telefonica, a provider of telecommunications services located in Spain, to deliver end-to-end digital transformation and Internet of Things services.
SRI International, a nonprofit research institute headquartered in California, and YiXue Inc, a Shanghai-based education service company, announced a research collaboration to offer virtual tutors for the Chinese Students.
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) just awarded three contracts worth approximately $1.8 million to Kanata, Ontario, based Neptec Design Group Ltd. The funds will be used to develop a miniature three-dimensional camera to enable rovers to navigate autonomously on the moon and mars.
Agilent Technologies, a public research, development and manufacturing company in California, is joining forces with Vermont-based scientific equipment manufacturer BioTek Instruments, Inc. to develop a new, integrated solution that combines cellular metabolic analysis and imaging technologies.
The Hawk Eye Global Crime Reporting System, a new smartphone app developed by Web Assets Nigeria Limited, was just released for use by Nigerians in the Federal Capital Territory and Lagos to report crime and other incidents to law enforcement.
Chinese AI medical technology company Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited just introduced its new "Instant Clinic", a one-stop medical diagnosis and pharmaceutical sales system intended to make quality health care more available to the masses.
Kyushu University, one of Japan's top research universities, and Fujitsu Limited are working together on advanced research into the field of agriculture using artificial intelligence.
Materials scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a smooth, durable, clear coating that swiftly sheds water, oils, alcohols and even peanut butter, making grime-proof phone screens, countertops and camera lenses possible realities in the future.
With medicinal and recreational marijuana increasing in use as legal restrictions ease, Toronto-based Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s announced it is investing in a new blockchain platform and cryptocurrency development project to streamline and secure the supply chain for these goods.
The remains of groundbreaking and courageous aviator Amelia Earhart may finally have been confirmed, thanks to a recent scientific study.
Japan and Europe may have dominated the industrial robotics space for some time, with commercial robotics led by robot startups in the United States and Europe. According to a new report, they will soon be joined by a significant number of Chinese vendors.
Illinois aerospace company Boeing's HorizonX Ventures has made an investment in Australia-based Myriota, an Internet of Things (IoT) startup seeking to revolutionize satellite communications by providing low-cost access to high-value data in remote locations.
Endeavor Robotics, a supplier of unmanned ground vehicles based in Massachusetts, announced that it has been awarded the Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract, for the US Army's Common Robotic System–Individual program.
Kansas City, Missouri-based Integrated Roadways, a technology startup, is revolutionizing America’s highway system beginning with a key partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) under their RoadX initiative to use next-generation innovations to solve infrastructure challenges.
The latest iGEMS water engineering competition, sponsored by the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) was held in Port Elizabeth last week. 45 high school students participated in this fourth annual event.
In Svalbard, Norway, the vault storing seeds of the most important crops in the world is in trouble. And that is not the most serious issue facing the world’s food security.
A major South Korean tech institution is partnering with one of the country’s largest weapons manufacturers to be a part of “the global competition to develop autonomous arms”. On April 5, over 50 artificial intelligence researchers and experts announced a boycott of the South Korean University unless the project is stopped.
Chelonia, an independent firm for strategy and management consulting based in Switzerland, and Science Exchange, a biotechnology company located in California, partners to offer online access to its research and business consulting services to Scientists.
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) announced its third MEST Africa Summit. This year it takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, and wil run from June 18 to 20.
By developing a new approach to repair cells deep inside the ear, researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) and Harvard University in Massachusetts may have found a potential remedy that could restore hearing for millions of elderly people and others who suffer hearing loss.

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