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The National Space Science Center (NSSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has entered into a deal with Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy for the establishment of the Research Laboratory of Deep Space Exploration (RLDE) in Luxembourg.
Western Economic Diversification Canada and Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) are jointly funding Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to design and construct a high temperature, high pressure testing unit that Western Canadian companies will use to implement water technologies in oil sands.
The marketing motto ‘Intel Inside’ is turning out to be a curse for most of the world’s computers.
Beijing Daddy's Choice Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a household chemical products manufacturer which among other products produces a major paper diaper brand sold worldwide, has signed a cooperation agreement with Kobe University of Japan on advanced technical research.
SoCalGas recently announced it is partnering with a development team to advance a new process that converts natural gas to hydrogen, carbon fiber, and carbon nanotubes.
Washington based, AgencyBloc, an agency management system designed specifically for health and life insurance agencies, has acquired Florida based GBS, a company which specializes in insurance agency management software development.
Global Blockchain Technologies Corporation (GBT) of Vancouver, Canada, announced it has made a strategic investment of C$2.0 million in Markham, Ontario, based Spectra7 Microsystems Inc., a provider of high-performance analog semiconductor products for broadband connectivity markets.
Calbee Incorporated, Japan's largest snack food manufacturer, has signed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) to evalute the use of Vancouver-based EnWave Corporation's proprietary methods for dehydrating organic materials.
The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi global automotive alliance just announced a new corporate venture capital fund it has founded, Alliance Ventures. The fund plans to invest as much as $1 billion for open innovation projects over the next five years.
Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan Motor Company has developed the world’s first technology that enables vehicles to interpret signals from the driver’s brain.
FLOSFIA, a tech startup which originated at Kyoto University, is partnering with DENSO Corporation on a next-generation power semiconductor device designed to reduce weight, size, cost, and energy loss of inverters used in electrified vehicles (EVs).
South Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) plans to test an automatic language interpretation technology -- to allow individuals with different languages to communicate more easily -- at the upcoming Winter Olympics in PeyongChang, South Korea.
LetinAR Co., Ltd. will be introducing its Augmented Reality (AR) glasses at the upcoming CES 2018 exhibition. People can expect to be dizziness-free, even after prolonged use of the AR glasses.
San Francisco-based Kindred Systems has decided to spin off its former Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) division. That spinoff, now reformed as an entity called Sanctuary, is now headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.
JCB Co., Ltd. a major credit card issuer based in Japan, announced it will soon be testing a new form of real-time biometric identification for credit cards, in the form of server-based visible light palm authentication.
South Korea-based Odd Concepts uses artificial intelligence to help shoppers find clothing that might be interested in purchasing, using advanced image search and product-matching technology.
The MemFree Wastewater Treatment System was installed as a pilot in Unity, Saskatchewan in early 2017. After a full year, operating in all seasons, the units manufactured by Saskatchewan-based Tecvalco Ltd. have more than proven their value.
Connecticut-based Photronics, Inc, a manufacturer of photomasks and supplier of imaging technology solutions for the precision electronics industry, just closed on its joint venture agreement with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., which is aimed at supporting the Chinese semiconductor manufacturing industry.
Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has made a major upgrade in its automated driving research vehicle. The new Platform 3.0 combines greater technological capabilities with new harmonized styling that integrates the automated vehicle technology into the LS model's design.
DevFest-Addis, the first Google Developers Group (GDG) Developers' Festival, will be held on January 6 in Addis Ababa at the U.S. Embassy American Center.
Minneapolis-based Bio-Techne Corporation, which makes biological supplies and machines used in research by the pharmaceutical industry, has acquired Atlanta Biologicals, the developer of a bovine-derived serum that promotes cell growth during biotech experiments.
The so-called 'black silicon solar cells', invented by Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. as a high-efficiency module, has now been successfully launched in mass production.

SPV LLC Low Bidder on SOLE SOURCE - Moe's Southwest Grill *AWARDED* in IL at $315,000.00 USD

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Low Bidder on Accreditation and Assessment Services in HI at $71,100.00 USD

D&D Contractors, Inc Low Bidder on Park Village Unit 3A in TX at $2,293,025.80 USD

Grace Pacific Corp. Low Bidder on IFB - Kuhio Highway Resurfacing *RE-BID* in HI at $4,849,999.00 USD

Max Construction Low Bidder on Vista Del Camino Unit 1185 Fire Repair Project *REBID* *AWARDED* in CA at $35,570.00 USD

The Boeing Company Low Bidder on ECP 6456C1 - EA-18G 24-Channel Fiber Channel Network Switch (FCNS-24) Retrofit Installation in MO at $464,284.00 USD

Dr. Critter Low Bidder on Bat Eradication and Prevention At Eastmonte Park in FL at $3,787.00 USD

J Carrizal General Construction Low Bidder on Vocational Park Improvements in TX at $155,802.30 USD

Manatt's, Inc. Low Bidder on 114, 60-C060-116 - PCC Overlay - Unbonded in IA at $3,354,726.19 USD

Iowa Bridge and Culvert, LC Low Bidder on 112, 52-1557-644 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $1,758,552.84 USD

Langman Construction Low Bidder on 111, 52-1557-639 - PCC Pavement - Grade/Replace in IA at $7,186,554.84 USD

Horsfield Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on 110, 49-C049-071 - PCC Pavement - New in IA at $1,311,884.73 USD

Carley Construction LLC Low Bidder on 109, 43-0301-161 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $465,044.06 USD

Flynn Co Inc Low Bidder on 108, 41-C041-124 - PCC Pavement - Replace in IA at $5,372,556.83 USD

Cedar Valley Corporation Low Bidder on 107, 34-C034-098 - PCC Pavement - Grade/Replace in IA at $1,334,086.63 USD

OEL Construction Services Inc Low Bidder on 105, 21-7170-625 - PCC Sidewalk/Trail in IA at $438,405.50 USD

Croell, Inc. Low Bidder on 104, 19-C019-088 - PCC Pavement - New in IA at $1,629,097.95 USD

Dixon Construction Company Low Bidder on 103, 14-1125-615 - PCC Pavement Widening in IA at $1,449,835.78 USD

North Florida Property Preservation, LLC Low Bidder on E2X43-R0 - Edge and Sweep Sidewalks, Driveways in FL at $93,635.50 USD

P&S Paving Inc. Low Bidder on E2X19-R0 - Mill and Resurface State Roads in FL at $328,050.00 USD

V E Whitehurst & Sons Inc Low Bidder on E2X13 - Asphalt Repairs in FL at $102,300.00 USD

Traffic Control Devices, Inc Low Bidder on E2W93 - Electrical Work, Traffic Signal in FL at $594,594.00 USD

Frank J. Capallia Low Bidder on E2W27 - Power Shearing, Trim Trees, and Removal of Brush in FL at $125,355.00 USD

Evans Contracting Services, Inc. Low Bidder on E2W12 - Repair Storm Drains in FL at $307,777.77 USD

Anderson Columbia Co., Inc. Low Bidder on E2W10 - Asphalt Concrete in FL at $187,333.85 USD

Bre-ex Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Colonel Talbot Pumping Station Trunk Sanitary Sewer - Contract 1 in Ont at $1,179,461.31 CAD

Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. Low Bidder on E2V93 - Mill, Place and Compact Asphalt Concrete in FL at $324,656.32 USD

Masonry Restoration Low Bidder on Charles Allis Museum Exterior Improvements in WI at $229,040.00 USD

Phillips and Jordan Inc. Low Bidder on Remove Trees in CA at $2,017,647.42 USD

Mercer-Fraser Company Low Bidder on Place Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt, Bonded Wearing Course in CA at $3,702,471.50 USD

Granite Rock Company Low Bidder on 04-4G8304 - SB-Dir Polyester Concrete and NB-Dir Structural Concrete Deck in CA at $3,054,543.36 USD

Selzer Werderitsch Associates Low Bidder on Becker Communication Studies Building - Install Lighting in Room 101*RE-BID* in IA at $134,100.00 USD

Dustin Construction Low Bidder on Construction of Parkway Elementary School in VA at $27,209,000.00 USD

MCM Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Gateway park Blvd Bridge Widening Project. in CA at $1,571,694.00 USD

Platform Cement, Inc. Low Bidder on Edgewater Beach Waterline Replacement in OH at $137,280.00 USD

Bragaton Construction Inc Low Bidder on Rehabilitation of the Chetwynd Water Storage Tank *REBID* in NJ at $776,000.00 USD

Master Marine Inc. Low Bidder on CGC Saginaw Dockside in AL at $415,451.00 USD

Hensel Phelps Construction Co Low Bidder on Design Build Contract for the Bridging Design-Build construction services for the New U.S. Courthouse, Nashville, Tennessee in GA at $128,084,940.00 USD

People-Tec, Inc. Low Bidder on TEAMS International Engineering - HQ0147-16-R-0016 in AL at $33,600,888.00 USD

Barajas Construction Low Bidder on NELNIF Minor Rehab-Gomez in TX at $11,845.00 USD

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