The American Bar Association will be hosting a webinar on autonomous vehicles October 2.
On July 18, individuals, companies and other organizations banded together in a rare sign of international unity to sign a joint pledge saying they would “neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade or use of lethal autonomous weapons”.
A website the public knows little about has become a critical tool for researchers to share their work without paywalls.
A British Columbia company claims it has done the impossible. It has found a way to efficiently remove carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it into fuel for an estimated one-third of what any other company has accomplished to date.
A new membrane inspired by what biology naturally does on its own might make it possible to separate out nearly 100% of all carbon dioxide from smoke emitted from coal-fired power plants.
The remains of groundbreaking and courageous aviator Amelia Earhart may finally have been confirmed, thanks to a recent scientific study.
In Svalbard, Norway, the vault storing seeds of the most important crops in the world is in trouble. And that is not the most serious issue facing the world’s food security.
A major South Korean tech institution is partnering with one of the country’s largest weapons manufacturers to be a part of “the global competition to develop autonomous arms”. On April 5, over 50 artificial intelligence researchers and experts announced a boycott of the South Korean University unless the project is stopped.
Electroculture is much under-reported but extremely important area of technology that could transform the planet's agricultural productivity quickly and at low cost.
The success of Google and Facebook was built on demanding the attention and perhaps even the souls of those who become addicted to the platforms. A coalition of former employees from both has formed a new group to drive the development of healthier products.
A new study says human beings would be very much okay with meeting real aliens.
Researchers from New York’s Binghamton University have been looking into how to help concrete repair itself using a special kind of fungi.
An interview with Daniel Esposito, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Columbia University.
The marketing motto ‘Intel Inside’ is turning out to be a curse for most of the world’s computers.
With the continued growth of China as the world's new economic leader, telecommunications traffic between China and Europe is expected to increase by three times within the next five years.
A new metal-organic framework may be able to pack more methane onboard a vehicle than ever before, without the need for expensive tanks and compres¬sors. That could be a game-changer for the natural-gas-powered vehicle industry.
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was recently awarded a $900,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), to support UWM's new Connected Systems Institute (CSI).
While the U.S. has given control over the Internet to large criminal corporations, the UK announced yesterday that by 2020, high-speed internet will be a legal right for all British households and businesses.
The rush to develop truly sentient, self-programming machines is on, with billions of dollars a year being allocated to research and development in numerous countries, but without sufficient consideration to the impacts on humanity and the planet.
A magenta greenhouse at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is paving the way to a whole new idea of what greenhouses can be.
While the world worries about North Korea primarily as an instigator of nuclear war, the country may be quietly conducting some advanced research into the use of algae for food and biofuel, and the lessons it learns could serve us all well.
According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, University of Kentucky researchers have produced nearly pure rare earth concentrates from Kentucky coal using a less environmentally damaging and cost-effective process. This is a groundbreaking accomplishment in the energy and materials industry.