Yet another health care CEO was caught and now pleaded guilty to a massive health care fraud scheme -- $300 million worth -- this time involving the illegal distribution of over 6.6 million dosage units of controlled substances and giving of unneeded injections which hurt patients.
Romanian national Romeo Vasile Chita was charged in U.S. Federal Court for crimes related to his leading an international cyber fraud ring which eventually stole over $4 million.
The Justice Department arrested a senior official in China’s Ministry of State Security on charges of economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.
One of the biggest dark web criminal marketplaces took a major hit when its administrator and senior moderator was sentenced October 9 to 20 years in prison.
A U.S. student planning to study at Israel’s Hebrew University has been held in detention since October 2 for supporting basic human rights.
The Nunn-Lugar Central Public Health Research Laboratory (CPHRL) continues to be a source for Russian conspiracy theories designed to create fear of the U.S. and a secret bio-weapons program on Russia's doorstep.
A mother alleges the City of Beaumont, California, illegally strip-searched her minor daughter and recorded a video of the search, all without being charged and with no other legal justification for it.
Carlos Uresti, a Texas state senator who was already in trouble after being forced to resign with 11 felony convictions for other matters, was just charged with by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a major fraud case.
Canadians have been bilked out of over $10 million in an elaborate phone scam over the past five years.
According to a just-published internal report, Denmark’s largest financial institution may have laundered €200 billion ($234 billion) in illegal funds transactions over an eight-year period.
A new investigation published September 18 says Maldives’ President Abdulla Yameen is continuing his record rate of corruption in the illegal lease of unpopulated islands and lagoons.
The grants are intended to fund programs to reduce violence and crime in native communities and support victims.
Texas A&M University Research Foundation will pay $750,000 to resolve a grant fraud claim under the False Claims Act ("FCA"), Berger Montage has announced.
A Muslim refugee from Syria was just charged in the horrific murder of 13-year old Marissa Shen of Burnaby, British Columbia. He joins a long list of Muslim refugees who attack non-Muslims.
In a ruling disclosed September 5, a California judge ruled the California Coastal Commission along with five current and past commissioners were guilty of failing to report private meetings and discussions.
With the world still reeling after a grand jury issued a report on over 70 years of the sexual abuse children by six Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania, this past week the state of New York finally stepped up with its own criminal investigation.
A class action lawsuit was filed on September 4 against the Phoenix police for their gross abuse of power in attempting break up a peaceful anti-Trump protest in August.
Costa Rica’s Chief Prosecutor Emilia Navas filed criminal charges against her country’s former President for breach of duty in allowing a Canadian gold mine to operate without appropriate environmental review.
Vaughn Spencer has been charged with 11 counts of bribery, wire fraud and conspiracy while accused of channeling city contracts to companies who supported to his election campaign.
Selling on the web may be easier than ever but conducting fraud on the web is also getting simpler.
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has agreed to a $4.9 billion settlement to resolve federal civil claims that RBS misled investors in the underwriting and issuing of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) between 2005 and 2008.
As dictatorial regimes fall apart from Central to Latin America, the Caribbean is now finding itself victim to some of the same dangerous open ocean pirating similar to what’s been happening off the coast of Somalia down to the Horn of Africa for years.