The Government intends to award a firm fixed price single award contract for Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Navy Operated Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Terminal to ensure that the Air Terminal and Ground Handling Services (ATGHS) located at the Bahrain International Airport encompasses aircraft loading and unloading, explosive handling, aircraft fleet services, aircraft services, passenger and baggage services and equipment maintenance in support of the Defense Transportation System to include, but not limited to all U.S. Government owned or operated aircrafts, U.S. sponsored foreign government and civilian aircraft, coalition forces aircraft, commercial contract aircraft, and tendered aircraft operating in and out of Bahrain International Airport, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. Services are to be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The requirement of this contract is to provide ATGHS on behalf of the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Navy Operated Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Terminal in support of the Defense Transportation System. The Contractor shall engage with every aspect of ATGHS and provide a comprehensive range of services to the air terminal including aircraft loading/unloading, transportation of cargo and passengers to/from air terminal to designated loading/unloading and staging areas, baggage handling, full aircraft ramp handling, and aircraft latrine/water fleet servicing to include but not limited to air transportable galley/lavatory, portable lavatories, and removal of trash from aircraft (other than AMC contracted commercial aircraft). These services are required to facilitate on-time aircraft departures. The contractor shall maintain the ability to provide sustained ATGHS for a working Maximum on Ground of 1 wide-body (e.g., C-17, C-5, DC-10 or larger) or two (2) narrow bodied aircraft (e.g., C-130, C-40, C-12/C-21) simultaneously.

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BRX Inc. Low Bidder on Vine Street WTP Accelator Improvements *Re-bid* - CANCELLED in OR at $804,000.00 USD

Saenz Utility Contractors Low Bidder on Sam's Pool Renovations and Repairs for the Parks and Recreation Department in TX at $822,944.40 USD

Ridgeline Custom Builders Low Bidder on Rocky Reach and Rock Island Robotic Total Station Foundation in WA at $68,450.00 USD

New Wings, Inc Low Bidder on 333 S. 3rd Street Ozone Depletion HVAC Replacement in NV at $149,500.00 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Restroom/Shower Combination Trailer - *Awarded* in FL at $65,652.19 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Laundry Trailer in FL at $56,135.00 USD

Engineering & Construction Innovations, Inc. Low Bidder on Phalen Storm Tunnel Rehab Phase III in MN at $1,879,579.00 USD

Us Coachways, Inc Low Bidder on Urgent Need Transportation Services (Commercial Buses) in Support of Hurrican Michael Response - *Awarded* in AL at $146,651.40 USD

Fellers & Clark LLC Low Bidder on Water, Sanitary, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Sections 24 and 25, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Drainage Channe in TX at $319,000.00 USD

Harris Construction Company Low Bidder on Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer Drainage Facilities and Paving & Appurtenances To Serve Aliana Section 67 in TX at $2,291,302.15 USD

Nordvind Sewer Service LLC Low Bidder on Valley View / Tukwila Loop Sewers Phase II, Schedules A-K, in WA at $981,194.83 USD

D & D Concrete & Utilities Inc Low Bidder on OR213 - 82nd Ave Access Improvement Project in OR at $131,738.00 USD

New Earth Enterrprises Low Bidder on Contracted Winter Maintenance Parking Lots & Facilities in Ont at $735.00 CAD

Robinson Haulage Inc. Low Bidder on Contracted Roads Winter Maintenance - *AWARDED* in Ont at $4,625.00 CAD

Harrold Ford Low Bidder on Class 5 Service Truck With Crane in CA at $156,705.36 USD

Nicholson Dirt Contracting Low Bidder on Big Horn Rec Pole Storage Yard Rehabilitation in WY at $129,348.00 USD

McCullough Excavation ,Inc. Low Bidder on 468-85338 - Lateral 9, Main 21, Four Mile Creek to Serve Sierra Hills 2nd Addition in KS at $116,617.50 USD

Visual Systems Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 8 (Project #468-85347) in KS at $149,405.20 USD

Coco Paving Low Bidder on Mill St Orono - Drainage Improvements in Ont at $98,213.99 CAD

Edison Electric Low Bidder on Anti-Theft Device Installation on Electric Substation Ground Wires in TN at $31,300.00 USD

E.R. Zeiler Excavating Low Bidder on Ohio Air National Guard Base 18th Fighter Wing Private Water Service in OH at $64,070.00 USD

Diaz Electric of NY Inc. Low Bidder on UFT Charter/Vista Academy (K)IPDVs Camera Installations in NY at $370,000.00 USD

Philip Hawkins Architect, Inc. + Associates Low Bidder on Placer County Auditor Counter/ Reception Remodel in CA at $195,000.00 USD

Mountain States Const. Co. Low Bidder on Harrison Road Fire Station Improvements in WA at $1,119,284.47 USD

Biltwel General Contractor Corp. Low Bidder on Reconstruction of Sidewalks in NY at $2,456,410.00 USD

Northland Communications Low Bidder on Oneida County Emergency Services Facility Fiber Connection Project - Bid Package 1 General Construction in NY at $76,900.00 USD

CVE Low Bidder on Physical Security Access Control Platform Replacement in WA at $657,326.00 USD

S Thomas Construction, LLC. Low Bidder on Mass Grading, Water Dist, Wastewater & Storm Water to serve Fosters Ridge, Sec 15 and Water Dist and Storm Water to serve Denali Wilderness Parkway, S in TX at $2,247,324.52 USD

King's Trucking & Excavation Low Bidder on Wastewater Improvement Project Seymour Road and Cindy Lane in IN at $417,475.00 USD

DeAngelo Brothers, LLC Low Bidder on Pelican Bay Solar Lake Aeration System Repairs in FL at $48,355.00 USD

Henry W. Bergman, Inc. Low Bidder on Pearson Metropark Roadway Resurfacing Project in OH at $196,025.00 USD

PSI Pumping Solutions, Inc. Low Bidder on Station Avenue Sewer Pumping Station Rehabilitation in PA at $620,000.00 USD

Video Jet Technologies, Inc. Low Bidder on Renewal of Inkjet Marking System - *Awarded* in FL at $48,336.00 USD

Nex-Xos Worldwide LLC Low Bidder on Meals Ready To Eat in AL at $32,693.76 USD

B & W Company Inc Low Bidder on Sarpy County - 2018 Street Repairs in NE at $22,865.75 USD

KromaTiD, Inc. Low Bidder on Custom 3-Probe Assay as SOW Specifies for CSU Pathology *AWARDED* in CO at $14,400.00 USD

Aqsaqniq Airways Low Bidder on Aircraft Charter for a Fixed Wing Aerial Wildlife Survey *AWARDED* in NU at $165,000.00 CAD

Begus online LLC Low Bidder on Centurion SmartShield Support and Maintenance in FL at $84.00 USD

B & W Company Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Street Repairs in NE at $22,865.75 USD

Creative Office Interiors, Inc. Low Bidder on ITB - Carpet Replacement in MI at $5,183.87 USD

Mitchell Sand & Gravel LLC Low Bidder on NH Roadwork - Route 12 (Intersection Safety Improvements) in NH at $772,561.00 USD

Leslie's Poolmart, Inc. Low Bidder on Annual Price Agreement for Swimming Pool Chemicals in TX at $25,357.50 USD

G.j. Hopkins Low Bidder on IFB - Gym Floor Refinishing Services for RCPS in VA at $150,088.00 USD

Spectrum Construction Group, Inc Low Bidder on Upgrade CMS, Sign Structures, MGS and Landscape in CA at $2,293,626.38 USD

Granite Rock Company Low Bidder on Cold Plane, Slab Replacement, Grind Conc Pavement & Replace Strip in CA at $3,147,466.00 USD

Kaschak Roofing Inc Low Bidder on Fainchild Building - Roof Replacement in WI at $93,000.00 USD

Library Services Centre Low Bidder on Books and DVD *AWARDED* in NU at $8,346.35 CAD

Cen-Cal Construction Low Bidder on Annual Contract for Canal Liner Repair in CA at $371,500.00 USD

Gutter Werks LLC Low Bidder on Bridgton Community Ice Rink in ME at $45,990.00 USD

Estherlee Fence Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Request for Quote - Painesville Township Park Storage Yard Fence in OH at $18,595.00 USD

Charlie Irwin Paints Low Bidder on Topside Natural Gas Regulator Station Protective Coating Refurbishment in TN at $39,278.00 USD

Reed Contracting Service Low Bidder on Secured Gateway Sanitary Sewer in AL at $365,776.20 USD

Rock Road Companies, Inc. Low Bidder on Edgerton South Main Street Overlay in WI at $55,965.00 USD

J R Pope Company, Inc. Low Bidder on 2011 Paved Drainage Ditch Repairs - Phase K (2069 Pitch Pine) - D11002 in LA at $75,360.00 USD

Thermal Balance Inc Low Bidder on Testing and Balancing Services L&N Building Upgrade in KY at $52,000.00 USD

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