The Government intends to award a firm fixed price single award contract for Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Navy Operated Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Terminal to ensure that the Air Terminal and Ground Handling Services (ATGHS) located at the Bahrain International Airport encompasses aircraft loading and unloading, explosive handling, aircraft fleet services, aircraft services, passenger and baggage services and equipment maintenance in support of the Defense Transportation System to include, but not limited to all U.S. Government owned or operated aircrafts, U.S. sponsored foreign government and civilian aircraft, coalition forces aircraft, commercial contract aircraft, and tendered aircraft operating in and out of Bahrain International Airport, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. Services are to be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The requirement of this contract is to provide ATGHS on behalf of the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Navy Operated Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Terminal in support of the Defense Transportation System. The Contractor shall engage with every aspect of ATGHS and provide a comprehensive range of services to the air terminal including aircraft loading/unloading, transportation of cargo and passengers to/from air terminal to designated loading/unloading and staging areas, baggage handling, full aircraft ramp handling, and aircraft latrine/water fleet servicing to include but not limited to air transportable galley/lavatory, portable lavatories, and removal of trash from aircraft (other than AMC contracted commercial aircraft). These services are required to facilitate on-time aircraft departures. The contractor shall maintain the ability to provide sustained ATGHS for a working Maximum on Ground of 1 wide-body (e.g., C-17, C-5, DC-10 or larger) or two (2) narrow bodied aircraft (e.g., C-130, C-40, C-12/C-21) simultaneously.

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Sky Corp. Ltd. Low Bidder on 2018 JBLM Demo in WA at $51,452.00 USD

Taylor Construction Low Bidder on Bysp Loop 1 Road Maintenance Project - *AWARDED* in WY at $83,650.00 USD

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. Low Bidder on Supply and Installation of Duct Work/Fittings - Wallaceburg Memorial Arena in Ont at $27,534.71 CAD

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Capital Paving Inc Low Bidder on Construction of the Woodlawn Road Multiuse Path Ph. 2 Construction (Silvercreek Parkway To Imperial Road) in Ont at $2,531,017.00 CAD

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NHM Constructors, LLC Low Bidder on Concrete Pavement and Concrete Bridge Deck Repairs in NC at $1,079,710.00 USD

Aldag/Honold Mechanical, Inc. Low Bidder on Water Plant HVAC Upgrades in WI at $478,200.00 USD

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