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BRX Inc. Low Bidder on Vine Street WTP Accelator Improvements *Re-bid* - CANCELLED in OR at $804,000.00 USD

Saenz Utility Contractors Low Bidder on Sam's Pool Renovations and Repairs for the Parks and Recreation Department in TX at $822,944.40 USD

Ridgeline Custom Builders Low Bidder on Rocky Reach and Rock Island Robotic Total Station Foundation in WA at $68,450.00 USD

New Wings, Inc Low Bidder on 333 S. 3rd Street Ozone Depletion HVAC Replacement in NV at $149,500.00 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Restroom/Shower Combination Trailer - *Awarded* in FL at $65,652.19 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Laundry Trailer in FL at $56,135.00 USD

Engineering & Construction Innovations, Inc. Low Bidder on Phalen Storm Tunnel Rehab Phase III in MN at $1,879,579.00 USD

Us Coachways, Inc Low Bidder on Urgent Need Transportation Services (Commercial Buses) in Support of Hurrican Michael Response - *Awarded* in AL at $146,651.40 USD

Fellers & Clark LLC Low Bidder on Water, Sanitary, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Sections 24 and 25, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Drainage Channe in TX at $319,000.00 USD

Harris Construction Company Low Bidder on Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer Drainage Facilities and Paving & Appurtenances To Serve Aliana Section 67 in TX at $2,291,302.15 USD

Nordvind Sewer Service LLC Low Bidder on Valley View / Tukwila Loop Sewers Phase II, Schedules A-K, in WA at $981,194.83 USD

D & D Concrete & Utilities Inc Low Bidder on OR213 - 82nd Ave Access Improvement Project in OR at $131,738.00 USD

New Earth Enterrprises Low Bidder on Contracted Winter Maintenance Parking Lots & Facilities in Ont at $735.00 CAD

Robinson Haulage Inc. Low Bidder on Contracted Roads Winter Maintenance - *AWARDED* in Ont at $4,625.00 CAD

Harrold Ford Low Bidder on Class 5 Service Truck With Crane in CA at $156,705.36 USD

Nicholson Dirt Contracting Low Bidder on Big Horn Rec Pole Storage Yard Rehabilitation in WY at $129,348.00 USD

McCullough Excavation ,Inc. Low Bidder on 468-85338 - Lateral 9, Main 21, Four Mile Creek to Serve Sierra Hills 2nd Addition in KS at $116,617.50 USD

Visual Systems Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 8 (Project #468-85347) in KS at $149,405.20 USD

Coco Paving Low Bidder on Mill St Orono - Drainage Improvements in Ont at $98,213.99 CAD

Edison Electric Low Bidder on Anti-Theft Device Installation on Electric Substation Ground Wires in TN at $31,300.00 USD

E.R. Zeiler Excavating Low Bidder on Ohio Air National Guard Base 18th Fighter Wing Private Water Service in OH at $64,070.00 USD

Diaz Electric of NY Inc. Low Bidder on UFT Charter/Vista Academy (K)IPDVs Camera Installations in NY at $370,000.00 USD

Philip Hawkins Architect, Inc. + Associates Low Bidder on Placer County Auditor Counter/ Reception Remodel in CA at $195,000.00 USD

Mountain States Const. Co. Low Bidder on Harrison Road Fire Station Improvements in WA at $1,119,284.47 USD

Biltwel General Contractor Corp. Low Bidder on Reconstruction of Sidewalks in NY at $2,456,410.00 USD

Northland Communications Low Bidder on Oneida County Emergency Services Facility Fiber Connection Project - Bid Package 1 General Construction in NY at $76,900.00 USD

CVE Low Bidder on Physical Security Access Control Platform Replacement in WA at $657,326.00 USD

S Thomas Construction, LLC. Low Bidder on Mass Grading, Water Dist, Wastewater & Storm Water to serve Fosters Ridge, Sec 15 and Water Dist and Storm Water to serve Denali Wilderness Parkway, S in TX at $2,247,324.52 USD

King's Trucking & Excavation Low Bidder on Wastewater Improvement Project Seymour Road and Cindy Lane in IN at $417,475.00 USD

DeAngelo Brothers, LLC Low Bidder on Pelican Bay Solar Lake Aeration System Repairs in FL at $48,355.00 USD

Henry W. Bergman, Inc. Low Bidder on Pearson Metropark Roadway Resurfacing Project in OH at $196,025.00 USD

PSI Pumping Solutions, Inc. Low Bidder on Station Avenue Sewer Pumping Station Rehabilitation in PA at $620,000.00 USD

Video Jet Technologies, Inc. Low Bidder on Renewal of Inkjet Marking System - *Awarded* in FL at $48,336.00 USD

Nex-Xos Worldwide LLC Low Bidder on Meals Ready To Eat in AL at $32,693.76 USD

B & W Company Inc Low Bidder on Sarpy County - 2018 Street Repairs in NE at $22,865.75 USD

KromaTiD, Inc. Low Bidder on Custom 3-Probe Assay as SOW Specifies for CSU Pathology *AWARDED* in CO at $14,400.00 USD

Aqsaqniq Airways Low Bidder on Aircraft Charter for a Fixed Wing Aerial Wildlife Survey *AWARDED* in NU at $165,000.00 CAD

Begus online LLC Low Bidder on Centurion SmartShield Support and Maintenance in FL at $84.00 USD

B & W Company Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Street Repairs in NE at $22,865.75 USD

Creative Office Interiors, Inc. Low Bidder on ITB - Carpet Replacement in MI at $5,183.87 USD

Mitchell Sand & Gravel LLC Low Bidder on NH Roadwork - Route 12 (Intersection Safety Improvements) in NH at $772,561.00 USD

Leslie's Poolmart, Inc. Low Bidder on Annual Price Agreement for Swimming Pool Chemicals in TX at $25,357.50 USD

G.j. Hopkins Low Bidder on IFB - Gym Floor Refinishing Services for RCPS in VA at $150,088.00 USD

Spectrum Construction Group, Inc Low Bidder on Upgrade CMS, Sign Structures, MGS and Landscape in CA at $2,293,626.38 USD

Granite Rock Company Low Bidder on Cold Plane, Slab Replacement, Grind Conc Pavement & Replace Strip in CA at $3,147,466.00 USD

Kaschak Roofing Inc Low Bidder on Fainchild Building - Roof Replacement in WI at $93,000.00 USD

Library Services Centre Low Bidder on Books and DVD *AWARDED* in NU at $8,346.35 CAD

Cen-Cal Construction Low Bidder on Annual Contract for Canal Liner Repair in CA at $371,500.00 USD

Gutter Werks LLC Low Bidder on Bridgton Community Ice Rink in ME at $45,990.00 USD

Estherlee Fence Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Request for Quote - Painesville Township Park Storage Yard Fence in OH at $18,595.00 USD

Charlie Irwin Paints Low Bidder on Topside Natural Gas Regulator Station Protective Coating Refurbishment in TN at $39,278.00 USD

Reed Contracting Service Low Bidder on Secured Gateway Sanitary Sewer in AL at $365,776.20 USD

Rock Road Companies, Inc. Low Bidder on Edgerton South Main Street Overlay in WI at $55,965.00 USD

J R Pope Company, Inc. Low Bidder on 2011 Paved Drainage Ditch Repairs - Phase K (2069 Pitch Pine) - D11002 in LA at $75,360.00 USD

Thermal Balance Inc Low Bidder on Testing and Balancing Services L&N Building Upgrade https://www.stateofkyplanroom.com/View/ViewJobList.aspx?group_id=public_all in KY at $52,000.00 USD

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