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VRD Decorating Low Bidder on Frontier Field Steel Painting Project in NY at $383,000.00 USD

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Low Bidder on Design Center *RE-BID* in IL at $473,844.00 USD

Willkom Construction Inc. Low Bidder on California National Guard & Air Reserve Hazardous Waste Removal & Disposal in CA at $2,310,906.71 USD

Dutchman Contracting LLC Low Bidder on Salt Shed in PA at $218,585.00 USD

Northtex Construction LLC Low Bidder on Excavation, Paving and Grading To Serve Denali Wilderness Parkway, Section Two in TX at $384,609.86 USD

JSA Company Low Bidder on Main Street Landscape Project in AZ at $306,553.00 USD

JRT Mechanical Low Bidder on Cooling System Improvements at the Oregon Convention Center in OR at $3,521,879.00 USD

G Pic & Sons Construction Co Low Bidder on Re - Paving of Greens Farms RR Parking Lot -- Rebid in CT at $106,996.50 USD

All State Construction, Inc. (All State Boiler & Const) Low Bidder on Prequalification - Gampel Area Bollards -- Rebid in CT at $1,059,000.00 USD

Fredericks, Inc Low Bidder on Proposed Fire Station "REBID" in IN at $582,000.00 USD

Road Construction Northwest, Inc. Low Bidder on S 228th St Union Pacific Railroad Underground Utilities in WA at $1,923,246.25 USD

G T Distributors, Inc. Low Bidder on Police Patrol Rifles - Purchase Of in FL at $2,611.75 USD

Sky Corp. Ltd. Low Bidder on 2018 JBLM Demo in WA at $51,452.00 USD

Fox Sports Midwest Low Bidder on Television Production for Men's Basketball Games *AWARDED* in IL at $782,800.00 USD

DRS Imaging Low Bidder on RFB - Scan Pro 3000 *AWARDED* in NY at $14,779.00 USD

North Santiam Paving Co. Low Bidder on OR 213 Spangler Hill Emergency Repair in OR at $1,769,153.00 USD

O'Hara Trucking & Excavating Inc. Low Bidder on Rodger & Sharon Streets - Storm Sewer Installation in Ont at $1,076,336.00 CAD

Nexterra Substructures Incorporated Low Bidder on Park Avenue - Watermain Replacement & Minor Storm Works in Ont at $1,189,934.30 CAD

Extreme Electrical Contractors LLC Low Bidder on Azusa Streetlight & Wiring Project in MO at $13,644.00 USD

Peters Construction Group Low Bidder on Race Street Improvements in Ont at $88,959.00 CAD

Pacific Source Construction Low Bidder on Guardrail Upgrades - 2717 S Vista in ID at $130,000.00 USD

Power Concrete Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Mud Jacking in IL at $12,000.00 USD

Superior Asphalt , Inc. Low Bidder on Ted Sperling Nature Center Asphalt Repair in FL at $12,450.00 USD

King City Group Ltd Low Bidder on Concrete Repair and Installation at the Waste Management Scale House in Ont at $13,130.60 CAD

Jaho, Inc. Low Bidder on Water, Sewer, Drainage and Paving Improvements for Veranda Section 22 in TX at $2,385,358.81 USD

Sonora SWQM Co. Low Bidder on Veranda Detention Phase 2 in TX at $1,764,581.50 USD

Fibrwrap Construction Services Low Bidder on Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Repairs on Large Diameter Water Mains in KY at $1,195,703.00 USD

Energy Systems Southeast, LLC Low Bidder on Natural Gas Generator in FL at $253,240.00 USD

JK Meurer Corporation Low Bidder on Electric Administration Public Parking Lot Improvements in OH at $68,094.45 USD

5 J Services Low Bidder on Construction of Bridgeland Parkland Village Lift Station No. 5 in TX at $525,175.00 USD

Gordon Contracting Inc Low Bidder on Bridge Wearing Surface Replacements - Beddington and T30 MD BPP - Region 4 in ME at $172,350.00 USD

Gordon Contracting Inc Low Bidder on Bridge Rehabilitation Projects/dennys River Bridge On the Edmunds and Dennysville Route 1 Town Line/new Hobart Stream Bridge On Route 1 in ME at $784,720.00 USD

Sign A Rama Low Bidder on 3050 Garden Street Signage in Ont at $7,760.00 CAD

M & H Concrete Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on PCC Street Pavement Replacement in MO at $467,320.00 USD

Coleman, Alvin J. & Son, Inc. Low Bidder on Littleton Field Maintenance Shop Motorpool Expansion in NH at $325,451.00 USD

Capital Paving Inc Low Bidder on Construction of the Woodlawn Road Multiuse Path Ph. 2 Construction (Silvercreek Parkway To Imperial Road) in Ont at $2,531,017.00 CAD

Home Plus Life Inc. Low Bidder on WISH Centre Gym RTU Replacement in Ont at $34,352.00 CAD

Veterans Lawn Service Low Bidder on Lot Clearing & Nuisance Abatement Services in FL at $83,090.00 USD

Meade Industries, Inc Low Bidder on LED Light Fixture and Pole Replacement in IL at $128,520.97 USD

Bullington Construction Inc Low Bidder on Guardrail Installation in NC at $77,363.00 USD

NHM Constructors, LLC Low Bidder on Concrete Pavement and Concrete Bridge Deck Repairs in NC at $1,079,710.00 USD

Aldag/Honold Mechanical, Inc. Low Bidder on Water Plant HVAC Upgrades in WI at $478,200.00 USD

Kinkaid Civil Construction Low Bidder on Adaman Well No. 3 Transmission Main Contract in AZ at $540,808.50 USD

N G Painting Low Bidder on 2018 WP NO. 2 Rehabilitation in TX at $187,650.00 USD

Tom's Backhoe Service, Inc. Low Bidder on Brooten Infrastructure Improvements Project in MN at $2,640,318.00 USD

R.C.S. Construction Inc Low Bidder on Wall Main Street Parking Lot Sewer Main Replacement in SD at $106,505.49 USD

Cascade Cable Constructors Inc Low Bidder on WSU - Install GPON Conduit in North Apartment Complexes - Pullman in WA at $138,220.41 USD

MacDonald-Miller Low Bidder on City Hall Air Handling Unit Upgrades - Phase IV in WA at $308,700.00 USD

UPI, LLC Low Bidder on Day Ave- Shore Dr Watermain Relocation in WI at $159,884.00 USD

O'Grady Paving, Inc. Low Bidder on 2017-18 Street Resurfacing and Slurry Seal Program in CA at $1,366,115.00 USD

Nittenberg Construction Co. Low Bidder on Sioux RWS_2018 Water Systems Improvments Project - Schedule 1-Distribution Improvements in SD at $953,282.50 USD

Great Lakes Crushing, LTD Low Bidder on Spring Creek Culvert Rehabilitation in OH at $772,455.00 USD

Polymath Studio Architecture, LLC Low Bidder on Commandant's Quarters' Porch Renovation in MI at $56,325.00 USD

Metal Culverts, Inc. Low Bidder on Gage County 2018 Culverts*AWARDED* in NE at $149,655.00 USD

R. M. Piper, Inc. Low Bidder on Glencliff Home Potable Water System - Phase I in NH at $812,500.00 USD

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