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Tara Group Low Bidder on 6BPR.10261 - Repair & Replacement of Bridge Expansion Joints - Cumberland & Harnett - *REBID* in NC at $548,687.00 USD

Tara Group Low Bidder on 6BPR.10241 - Repair & Replacement of Bridge Expansion Joints - Columbus - *REBID* in NC at $349,250.00 USD

Tara Group Low Bidder on D6BR.POC.008 - Repair & Replacement of Bridge Expansion Joints - Bladen - *REBID* in NC at $557,199.00 USD

Blade Master Grounds Maintenance Inc Low Bidder on Retaining Walls and Concrete Pavement Replacement in NE at $160,330.00 USD

ENPRO Services, Inc. (An NRC Company) Low Bidder on Former South Portland Public Works Facility Tank Removal & Misc. Waste Material Removal in ME at $32,755.00 USD

Westwater Construction Company Low Bidder on SW 108th Street at 8th Avenue SW in WA at $414,788.00 USD

Salinas Sawing & Sealing Low Bidder on Crack & Joint Sealing Work Order 2018-2019 in WA at $790,538.00 USD

L J DeWeese Co. Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Clareridge Lane New Sidewalk Installation in OH at $83,850.00 USD

Ghilloti Bros., Inc. Low Bidder on Repair Sinking Pavement and Drainage Systems in CA at $1,897,423.00 USD

Long Painting Company Low Bidder on Alder Pipe and Penstock Painting in WA at $288,150.00 USD

Knife River Corporation - Northwest Low Bidder on Willow Creek BR in ID at $2,967,587.00 USD

Pinchiff Mechanical LLC Low Bidder on Plumbing-Mechanical Work Order Services in WA at $933,646.00 USD

HME Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Marine Patrol Dock and Access Replacement in WA at $506,878.40 USD

Rochester Sand & Gravel Low Bidder on J4857 Overlay South Zumbro River Trail in MN at $149,723.65 USD

Inland Low Bidder on Yeti Advanced Records Digitization System in YT at $46,400.00 CAD

HP Civil Inc. Low Bidder on Hoodland Water Resource Recovery Facility Modernization in OR at $1,673,155.00 USD

Robblee Low Bidder on Treatment Plant #1 Security Gates and Operators in WA at $167,904.00 USD

Rezod LLC Low Bidder on Granville Village Service Complex in OH at $2,640,000.00 USD

Pro Circuit Incorporated Low Bidder on City-Wide IDIQ Generator Maintenance, Inspection and Repair *Re-bid* in MO at $21,837.73 USD

Hurtado Construction Low Bidder on Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer and Drainage Facilities To Serve Bonbrook Plantation South Section 7 *Re-bid* in TX at $429,684.24 USD

Johnson General Contractors Group LLC Low Bidder on Minor Rehab-Bogus in TX at $16,096.00 USD

Johnson General Contractors Group LLC Low Bidder on Minor Rehab in TX at $13,127.00 USD

Cardinal Glass & Door Low Bidder on Hambley Athletic Complex - Training Center Glass Installation in KY at $36,800.00 USD

J5 Construction Low Bidder on 2018 Blind Lane Storm Sewer Project in PA at $856,698.80 USD

Erosion Control Seeding & Mulching Low Bidder on Landfill Maintenance in FL at $198,388.15 USD

Helms & Sons Excavating, Inc Low Bidder on Concrete Street Repair Program in OH at $143,771.00 USD

NJ Miller Low Bidder on Jersey Ridge Rd & Cromwell Circle Center Turn Lane Project in IA at $441,449.75 USD

Coastal Reef Builders Inc Low Bidder on Dredging of Lafitte Cove Canal in FL at $45.00 USD

FJA Christiansen Roofing Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Milwaukee Fire Department Engine House #12-Reroofing in WI at $144,232.00 USD

Gibson & Associates, Inc. Low Bidder on Bridge Maintenance (hardisty Bridge Repair) in TX at $231,260.00 USD

Soli Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Sewer System in PA at $44,500.00 USD

Industrial Electric Services Ltd Low Bidder on Supply and Deliver One (1) Towable Trailer Mounted 20kW Generator in YT at $27,500.00 CAD

Gomez Floor Covering, Inc. Low Bidder on Carpet Installation DCCB & Charlie Cole Building in TX at $53,000.00 USD

MCE Dirtworks Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Reclamation, Milling and Overlay of Various Town Roads in MA at $1,011,909.00 USD

Nuera Contracting and Consulting LP Low Bidder on Quieter Home Program Phase 9 Group 7 in CA at $1,461,077.00 USD

Wajax Power Systems Low Bidder on Supply and Deliver Two (2) 180 Kw Generators in YT at $77,800.00 CAD

Main Lane Industries, LTD. Low Bidder on Road Improvements along Cypresswood Drive from Holzwarth to FM 1960 (CMAQ Phase 1B) in TX at $6,375,600.08 USD

Main Lane Industries, LTD. Low Bidder on General Civil Construction for Houston Bike Initiative for Harris County Precinct 1 – UPIN 19101MF0ZG01 in TX at $3,581,000.00 USD

3 Kings Environmental Low Bidder on 2055 NE 238th Drive Utility Demolition & Relocation Project -*REBID* in OR at $285,350.00 USD

Stilly River Mechanical Inc Low Bidder on HVAC - Air Conditioning Unit in WA at $35,090.00 USD

Moreno & Nelson Construction Corp Low Bidder on Stormwater Improvement Project in WA at $315,051.86 USD

Perlmutter Purchasing Power Low Bidder on Request for Quote - ID Card Printer *AWARDED* in NY at $1,875.00 USD

A.D. Thornton Mechanical, Llc Low Bidder on Air Conditioning Upgrades in NY at $12,150.00 USD

JS Bova Excavating Low Bidder on Peach Street - Westgate Drive to Shunpike Road Water Main Replacement in PA at $855,729.00 USD

BWD General Engineering Contractors Low Bidder on South Compost Pond Pan Lysimeter Project in CA at $268,375.00 USD

Milwaukee Carpet Low Bidder on Flooring for Westlawn Gardens Scattered Sites Townhomes in WI at $82,919.20 USD

Mobilcomm Low Bidder on Fire Station 21 Alert System in OH at $17,453.80 USD

Clearwater Utilities, Inc Low Bidder on Construction of Water, Sanitary, and Drainage Facilities in Balmoral Sec 13 in TX at $589,349.80 USD

Rotschy, Inc. Low Bidder on "A" House Bulk Unloading Repairs in WA at $62,200.00 USD

Sharper Impressions Painting Co Low Bidder on Remo-Painting Service 1180 E Main Street in OH at $37,890.00 USD

WM Miller Construction Company, Inc. Low Bidder on Methvin Street Drainage Improvements in TX at $71,570.00 USD

Mies Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Water Distribution System To Serve Clear Ridge Addition in KS at $48,909.00 USD

Ricciardi Bros Inc Low Bidder on Sewer Reconstruction S18-2 / DPW & Parks in MA at $2,742,379.87 USD

Lakeside Contracting Company Ltd. Low Bidder on Watermain Replacement on Steeles Avenue and Hale Road By Open-Cut and Trenchless Means, City of Brampton, Assignment D in Ont at $2,098,627.10 CAD

CFG Industries LLC Low Bidder on Water Plant No. 1 GSTs Roof Replacement & Rehab for Harris Co. WCID No. 116 in TX at $459,900.00 USD

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