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National Institute for Children's Health Quality (NICHQ) Low Bidder on Content Development for the Newborn Screening Clearinghouse in MD at $3,343,276.46 USD

Insituform Tech Low Bidder on 2018 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project in PA at $306,851.00 USD

Insituform Technologies Ltd. Low Bidder on Mainline Sanitary Sewer Cured-in -place Lining On Various Streets in the Regional Municiality of Peel, Project 18-2300 E in Ont at $1,616,896.50 CAD

Husky Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Wilson Creek Vegetation Management in MN at $213,855.00 USD

Lapan Mechanical Contractors, Inc Low Bidder on Cable Studio Renovation in MA at $43,990.00 USD

Wrightway Construction Low Bidder on Highway Garage Roofing in MA at $17,000.00 USD

Greenwood Industries, Inc. Low Bidder on Roof Replacement For Five Buildings at Charlestown Development in MA at $1,424,000.00 USD

M.S.P. Construction Corp. Low Bidder on Meadowbrook Road Watermain Replacement/Road Improvement Section 1 Project in NJ at $1,446,647.00 USD

Allied 360 Construction Low Bidder on Pajarito Well #5 MCC Replacement Project in NM at $310,897.00 USD

Maguire Iron, Inc Low Bidder on Mitchell South Water Tower Coatings *REBID* in SD at $243,950.00 USD

Minco Construction Low Bidder on ITB - Construction of Joint Water Pollution Control Plant Power Service *RE-BID* in CA at $2,089,330.00 USD

Central Valley Engineering and Asphalt Inc Low Bidder on Rising Sun Road Pavement Resurfacing Plans in CA at $157,700.85 USD

BT Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Sewer Improvements for Lima Alley and Paris Alley - *REBID* in CO at $5,842,020.00 USD

Ozark Striping Company, Inc Low Bidder on E3S06 - Milton Operations Maintenance - Thermoplastic On SR 87 in FL at $387,177.00 USD

Aquasol Controllers, Inc. Low Bidder on Splash Pads and Pools for Parks and Recreation in FL at $25,066.00 USD

Rainbow Construction Low Bidder on Renovate and Construct the Sheriff District 4 Office in MD at $3,069,000.00 USD

Insurance Program Managers Group Low Bidder on Third Party Administration Services in IL at $82,875.00 USD

Commercial Door & Hardware Service Low Bidder on Door Hardware Replacement in IL at $42,070.00 USD

Brink Electric Low Bidder on Atlantic/Central Base Fire Alarm Upgrade in WA at $620,000.00 USD

Depaolo's Painting Low Bidder on South Treatment Plant Painting Exterior Walls Phase C in WA at $281,600.00 USD

Best Parking Lot Cleaning Low Bidder on CCTV Inspection, Cleaning and Repair of Stormwater Systems on a Work Order Basis in WA at $639,233.77 USD

Bay Utilities Low Bidder on WSD&P Marlow Lakes Sec. 2 in TX at $946,544.52 USD

Texan Dirt, LLC Low Bidder on Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 56 West Fork of Chocolate Bayou Detention Basin M and Earthowrk To Serve Meridiana in TX at $1,906,503.00 USD

Daco Paving Inc Low Bidder on Construction of Paving, Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer and Water Lines To Serve Bridgeland Parkland Village Section 29 in TX at $3,511,752.84 USD

Weisinger, Inc. Low Bidder on Construction of Proposed Water Well No. 2 in TX at $1,031,800.00 USD

MMG Contractors Low Bidder on Waterline Improvements along State Highway 6 in TX at $199,632.00 USD

Camino Services Low Bidder on Storm Sewer Inspection Project (2018) in TX at $6,724.05 USD

Premier Worldwide Inc Low Bidder on Rehabilitation of Elevated Storage Tank in TX at $359,061.00 USD

Camino Services Low Bidder on HMCMUD 386 Sanitary Sewer Line and Manhole Inspection in TX at $32,595.20 USD

Archer Western Contractors Ltd Low Bidder on Phase 1C Raw Water Intake Barge Expansion Project in TX at $4,427,795.00 USD

Vaca Underground Utilities, Inc. Low Bidder on CNSWMUD No. 1 Ditch DS Rehab in TX at $507,950.00 USD

Solid Bridge Construction LLC Low Bidder on River Plantation Channel Improvements-2018 in TX at $374,499.97 USD

Reddico Construction Co Low Bidder on Public Fire Waterline To Serve Spring Pines Shopping Center in TX at $143,735.40 USD

Patriot Construction LLC Low Bidder on Youth Services Crisis Residential Bathroom Remodel in UT at $179,535.00 USD

Cascade Bridge, LLC Low Bidder on Fort Road Bridge No. 1353 Replacement in WA at $1,135,906.00 USD

A- Advanced Septic & Construction Low Bidder on S.I.T.E. House Site Improvements in WA at $219,427.00 USD

Olson Brothers Excavating, Inc. Low Bidder on 2019 Spot Sewer Repair Contract 1 in WA at $1,856,317.00 USD

Award Construction Inc Low Bidder on Pump Station Ventilation Upgrades in WA at $1,859,000.00 USD

Wheeler Excavation, LLC Low Bidder on Grand Drive Construction 2018 (Small Works) in WA at $197,425.96 USD

Sawcross, Inc. Low Bidder on Innlet Beach Master Pump Station Improvements in FL at $1,086,000.00 USD

Core Construction Company, Inc. Low Bidder on St. Johns County Ponte Vedra Annex Tax Collectors Office Renovation in FL at $648,000.00 USD

Preferred Pool Management Inc. Low Bidder on Burnham Park Main Pool Resurfacing in NJ at $150,000.00 USD

Pinnacle Contracting Low Bidder on RFP - Remodel Room at Fire Stations #1 in MI at $15,800.00 USD

KOR Building Group, LLC. Low Bidder on T1 Taxi Staging Restroom Replacement in NV at $963,698.00 USD

RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Traffic Sign Materials in NV at $26,762.30 USD

Brothers Electrical Corporation Low Bidder on Unit Wire Mold Installation at Archdale Development in MA at $141,000.00 USD

Solid Rock Construction Low Bidder on Replace Windows, Doors, Locking System & Renovate Cells in NY at $2,761,800.00 USD

S & O Construction Services, Inc. Low Bidder on Replace Windows, Doors, Locking System & Renovate Cells in NY at $723,950.00 USD

Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc. dba Vineyard Avenue Electric Low Bidder on Replace Windows, Doors, Locking System & Renovate Cells in NY at $377,777.00 USD

DTM Parts Supply, Inc. Low Bidder on Request for Quote - UV System Parts *AWARDED* in NY at $667.10 USD

R & G Excavating Low Bidder on Camp Rilea Waste Water and Sewer Lagoon Improvements *AWARDED* in OR at $806,908.00 USD

Flynn BEC LP Low Bidder on Public Services Building Reroof Project in OR at $274,933.00 USD

Tornado Soft Excavation Low Bidder on Camp Adair Combat Pistol Qualification Course in OR at $1,117,520.00 USD

Kerr Contractors Oregon, Inc. Low Bidder on SW Cedar Hills Blvd. Signal (EB Off-Ramp Hwy 26 at Cedar Hills Blvd) in OR at $1,622,759.00 USD

Scott & Murphy, Inc. Low Bidder on Bowling Green Downtown Square Improvement Project in KY at $4,231,472.70 USD

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