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Unks Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Construction of Structures and Facilities for HVAC Repair and Replacement in AZ at $157,811.00 USD

G. Batista & Associates Low Bidder on Design Build West Ken Lark Park Renovations RE-BID in FL at $1,258,366.67 USD

Gary Harper Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Reservoir No. 1 Seismic Control Valve in WA at $333,399.00 USD

Strider Construction Co. Low Bidder on Best Road, Rudene Road to Summers Drive in WA at $1,653,491.00 USD

Halme Excavating Low Bidder on Highway 99 - Klineline Sidewalk in WA at $484,840.75 USD

Exclusive Paving Low Bidder on Fairbanks Danby-wembley Roundabout & Wembley Avenue Improvements in AK at $4,415,841.00 USD

Royal Security Solutions Inc. Low Bidder on Accessibility Upgrades At Paramount Fine Foods Centre and Burnhamthorpe Library in Ont at $217,080.00 CAD

Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on 343 Loma Vista Stormwater Improvements in MO at $589,635.00 USD

Texas Water & Soil Co Inc Low Bidder on Big Lake WWTP Disinfection Improvements in TX at $435,532.00 USD

Viking Fence Company, Inc. Low Bidder on Playground Fence Replacement in WA at $25,295.63 USD

Crea Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Main St Pedestrian Improvements in ID at $278,225.00 USD

Cannon Builders Low Bidder on US-26, Aberdeen Canal in ID at $1,842,621.00 USD

Ballard Diving & Salvage Inc. Low Bidder on Steamboat Landing Floating Dock Replacement in WA at $1,107,024.58 USD

Aegion - Insituform Technologies, Inc. - Headquarters Low Bidder on 2018 Sewer Rehabilitation Project in IN at $485,771.00 USD

Skanska Inc Low Bidder on Contract C – Underground Piping Phase 1 in IN at $9,923,405.95 USD

Kichton Contracting 1963 Ltd Low Bidder on Dam Rehabilitation and Other Work in Alta at $1,600,000.00 CAD

Pacific Apex Construction LLC dba CTS Low Bidder on Distributed Antenna Network Phase III in WA at $1,303,765.00 USD

Burke Electric LLC Low Bidder on Brightwater Treatment Plant Membrane Feed Pump VFD Installation *Re-bid* in WA at $348,888.00 USD

BRX Inc. Low Bidder on Vine Street WTP Accelator Improvements *Re-bid* - CANCELLED in OR at $804,000.00 USD

Maui Kupono Builders LLC Low Bidder on Old Lahaina WWPS No. 1 Decommission in HI at $628,606.00 USD

Perlmutter Purchasing Power Low Bidder on Request for Quote - Rack Mount UPS *AWARDED* in NY at $1,642.00 USD

Sivec Biotechnologies LLC Low Bidder on Aerolosized Antiviral Services for Poultry Research - Sivec Biotech or Equal *AWARDED in CO at $1,500.00 USD

Virginia Truck Center Low Bidder on Test and Inspect of Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarm Systems *AWARDED* in VA at $152,197.00 USD

Opperman Construction Co Low Bidder on High Street Sanitary Sewer Extension in IL at $62,864.00 USD

Zito Construction Low Bidder on Mt. Morris Road Culvert at the Central Drain in MI at $463,464.52 USD

Little & Williams, Inc. Low Bidder on Building 31 - Temporary Chemistry Lab Renovations *AWARDED* in FL at $98,394.00 USD

Saenz Utility Contractors Low Bidder on Sam's Pool Renovations and Repairs for the Parks and Recreation Department in TX at $822,944.40 USD

A&W Plumbing Low Bidder on Franklin County Housing Authority Boiler Replacement and Heating Upgrades in IL at $493.22 USD

Reno Brothers, Inc. Low Bidder on Administration Building - HVAC Replacement in PA at $36,979.00 USD

Ridgeline Custom Builders Low Bidder on Rocky Reach and Rock Island Robotic Total Station Foundation in WA at $68,450.00 USD

V. Gibbons Contracting Low Bidder on Water Meter & Meter Chamber Installations Two Locations in Ont at $210,423.50 CAD

Bratton Bros. Services Low Bidder on Dog Park Fencing for the Manchester Recreation Complex in TN at $18,220.00 USD

Roscoe Brown, Inc. Low Bidder on Removal and Replacement of 1 & 2 Rooftop Air Conditioning Units in TN at $10,715.00 USD

Mylo Mechanical, LLC Low Bidder on Library HVAC Insulation Replacement in PA at $89,500.00 USD

PZMG LLC Low Bidder on Clearing of Right-of-Ways and Related Items in TX at $330,361.20 USD

Texan Dirt, LLC Low Bidder on Phase II Detention to Serve 7.4 Acre Site in TX at $182,924.00 USD

CertaPro Low Bidder on Building Exterior Painting Services in GA at $27,500.00 USD

The Luster Group, LLC Low Bidder on New Cart Barn for WEBB Park in LA at $423,000.00 USD

Culbertson Heating and Cooling Low Bidder on Housing Authority of the County of Shelby HVAC Upgrades in IL at $369,267.00 USD

Matous Construction, Ltd. Low Bidder on Hornsby Bend Side Stream Treatment Plant (SSTP) Relief in TX at $12,275,000.00 USD

New Wings, Inc Low Bidder on 333 S. 3rd Street Ozone Depletion HVAC Replacement in NV at $149,500.00 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Restroom/Shower Combination Trailer - *Awarded* in FL at $65,652.19 USD

Active Deployment Systems, Inc. Low Bidder on Portable Laundry Trailer in FL at $56,135.00 USD

Engineering & Construction Innovations, Inc. Low Bidder on Phalen Storm Tunnel Rehab Phase III in MN at $1,879,579.00 USD

Us Coachways, Inc Low Bidder on Urgent Need Transportation Services (Commercial Buses) in Support of Hurrican Michael Response - *Awarded* in AL at $146,651.40 USD

Fellers & Clark LLC Low Bidder on Water, Sanitary, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Sections 24 and 25, and Drainage Facilities in Grand Mission Estates Drainage Channe in TX at $319,000.00 USD

Harris Construction Company Low Bidder on Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer Drainage Facilities and Paving & Appurtenances To Serve Aliana Section 67 in TX at $2,291,302.15 USD

Nordvind Sewer Service LLC Low Bidder on Valley View / Tukwila Loop Sewers Phase II, Schedules A-K, in WA at $981,194.83 USD

D & D Concrete & Utilities Inc Low Bidder on OR213 - 82nd Ave Access Improvement Project in OR at $131,738.00 USD

New Earth Enterrprises Low Bidder on Contracted Winter Maintenance Parking Lots & Facilities in Ont at $735.00 CAD

Robinson Haulage Inc. Low Bidder on Contracted Roads Winter Maintenance - *AWARDED* in Ont at $4,625.00 CAD

Harrold Ford Low Bidder on Class 5 Service Truck With Crane in CA at $156,705.36 USD

Nicholson Dirt Contracting Low Bidder on Big Horn Rec Pole Storage Yard Rehabilitation in WY at $129,348.00 USD

McCullough Excavation ,Inc. Low Bidder on 468-85338 - Lateral 9, Main 21, Four Mile Creek to Serve Sierra Hills 2nd Addition in KS at $116,617.50 USD

Visual Systems Inc Low Bidder on 2018 Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction Phase 8 (Project #468-85347) in KS at $149,405.20 USD

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