Manhattan Road & Bridge Low Bidder on 180283 - Bridge and Approaches - SH-85: Over Duck Creek in OK

Manhattan Road & Bridge is the apparent low bidder on the Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation's 180283 - Bridge and Approaches - SH-85: Over Duck Creek solicitation, with a low bid of $5,716,000.00 USD. Bids were opened on October 18, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes approx 15,010 CY unclassified excavation; 6,995 CY unclassified borrow; 1,589 CY aggregate base type A; 7,649 SY stabilized subgrade; 1,060 GAL tack coat; 2,252 GAL prime coat; 2,516 TN superpave type S3; 55 CY class AA concrete; 27 TN type 1 plain riprap; 138 LF of 30" RCP class III; 150 LF of 6" non-perforated pipe underdrain; 48,259 SY removal of asphalt pavement; 66 LF of sawing pavement; 1 EA of 1" copper water service pipe (long); 3 EA of 6" gate valve; 1,050 LF of 16" casing by jack and bore; 1,150 LF of 6" HDPE waterline; 2,990 LF prestressed concrete beams; 197,640 LB epoxy coated reinforcing steel; 8,614 LF of traffic stripe. See attached file.

Additional bidders include:
Crossland Construction: $5,728,422.86 USD
B & B Bridges Co, LLC: $6,468,559.25 USD

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