Nutter Corporation Low Bidder on Building 2877 Wastewater Retrofit *AWARDED* in WA

Nutter Corporation is the apparent low bidder on the Port of Vancouver's Building 2877 Wastewater Retrofit *AWARDED* solicitation, with a low bid of $214,837.22 USD. Bids were opened on November 15, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes approx 131 CY roadway excavation including haul; 124 CY structure excavation B including haul; 234 CY crushed surfacing base course; 300 TN HMA cl 1/2"; 337 LF of 8" polypropylene storm sewer; 3 EA catch basin type 1; 1 EA standard 48" storm manhole; 5 EA inlet protection; 162 LF silt fence. See attached files.

Additional bidders include:
Midway Underground LLC : $260,399.56 USD
Clark and Sons Excavating Inc: $265,654.80 USD
Rotschy, Inc.: $272,640.87 USD

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