Smithcorp Inc./Smithcorp Const. Services Low Bidder on CSO 54 Improvements in OH

Smithcorp Inc./Smithcorp Const. Services is the apparent low bidder on the Cincinnati Purchasing Division's CSO 54 Improvements solicitation, with a low bid of $182,202.50 USD. Bids were opened on July 12, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes 1 LS of clearing and grubbing; 5 CY of special excavation (contingency item); 5 ton of special fill material (bank run gravel) (contingency item); 5 CY of concrete masonry, class "c" (contingency item); 1 LS of video taping of installed sewers; 1 ls of environmental compliance, mitigative measures & erosion control plan; 670 LF of environmental compliance, silt fence; 1 EA of project sign; see attached file.

Additional bidders include:
Prus Construction: $235,760.00 USD
Building Crafts Inc: $459,600.00 USD

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