Theisen Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Dixon County Wakefield Northwest C002615405 in NE

Theisen Construction Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the Dixon County's Dixon County Wakefield Northwest C002615405 solicitation, with a low bid of $100,377.36 USD. Bids were opened on September 11, 2018

The contract will be for Works include approx 80 CY abutment 1 excavation; 1 CY concrete for bridge; 785 LB reinforcing steel for bridge; 370 LF HP 12x53 steel piling; 40 TN riprap; 5,445 LB of structural steel for substructure; See attached file.

Additional bidders include:
Nelson & Rock Contracting, Inc.: $101,062.10 USD
Dixon Construction Company: $107,415.00 USD
Midwest Underground Inc: $139,941.00 USD

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