Transportation Systems Inc. Low Bidder on Fiber Repair Port of Tacoma Road in WA

Transportation Systems Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the Port of Tacoma's Fiber Repair Port of Tacoma Road solicitation, with a low bid of $132,823.00 USD. Bids were opened on October 18, 2018

The contract will be for The work required for this project includes: Verify location of fiber break using an optical time-domain reflectometer (otdr) from both sides of the break. Excavate asphalt and soil, procure and install vaults and cabinet, trench between vaults, add conduits, repair 144 strand fiber at ctc located in terraspan innerduct within the top 4 inches of asphalt, backfill, and repave adjacent to ctc and the location adjacent to wut. Install bulkhead cabinet adjacent to wut. 5. Perform otdr test to verify that the fiber break has been repaired and the fiber is continuous between terminations. 6. Patch asphalt and seal around excavations. 7. Perform otdr test to verify 24 strands have been terminated at wut.

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