Wheeler Excavation, LLC Low Bidder on Grand Drive Construction 2018 (Small Works) in WA

Wheeler Excavation, LLC is the apparent low bidder on the Moses Lake, City of's Grand Drive Construction 2018 (Small Works) solicitation, with a low bid of $197,425.96 USD. Bids were opened on September 19, 2018

The contract will be for The work includes 350 TN of CSTC; 210 TN of HMA Cl. 1/2" PG 64-28, four catch basins, one Type B drywell; 100 LF of 10" storm sewer pipe; 80 LF of DI 10" storm; 20 LF of 10" PVC storm and a fire hydrant relocation. See attached file.

Additional bidders include:
Gray Excavation: $220,401.67 USD
Advanced Excavation Inc.: $228,259.61 USD

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