Petersen Brothers, Inc Low Bidder on Guardrail Improvements in WA

Petersen Brothers, Inc is the apparent low bidder on the Mason County Commissioners's Guardrail Improvements solicitation, with a low bid of $493,511.66 USD. Bids were opened on September 14, 2018

The contract will be for Mobilization, beam guardrail type 31, beam guardrail type 31 non-flared terminal, project temporary traffic control, and other items. 25 LF beam guardrail type 31-8Ft. long post; 87.5 LF beam guardrail type 31-11Ft. Long post; 3,612 LF beam guardrail type 31.

Additional bidders include:
Granite Construction Company: $541,491.25 USD
Coral Construction Company: $569,833.00 USD
Dirt & Aggregate Interchange, Inc.: $631,616.00 USD

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