Hardee Civil Services, LLC Low Bidder on IFB - Speed Humps for Horry County Roads *AWARDED* in SC

Hardee Civil Services, LLC is the apparent low bidder on the Horry County, Procurement Office's IFB - Speed Humps for Horry County Roads *AWARDED* solicitation, with a low bid of $89,258.00 USD. Bids were opened on November 16, 2018

The contract will be for Installation of asphalt speed humps, and required signs and pavement markings. Speed hump are parabolic, after compaction the minimum height in the middle of the speed hump shall be 3 1/2" (+/- 1/4" ). The speed humps shall be the entire width of the roadway typically 22'. The length of the speed hump is 14'. Signage at the first speed hump shall have a 24" x 24" with a 18" x 18" 15 MPH" plaque on the approach and a object marker OM2-1V) on the adjacent side.

Additional bidders include:
Coastal Asphalt: $93,158.00 USD
Palmetto Corp. of Conway: $99,999.90 USD

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