Civil Constructors, Inc. Low Bidder on Keith Creek Bank Stabilization and Bridge Removals in IL

Civil Constructors, Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the Rockford Purchasing Dept.'s Keith Creek Bank Stabilization and Bridge Removals solicitation, with a low bid of $1,130,956.03 USD. Bids were opened on September 18, 2018

The contract will be for Work consists of: 1,420 CY Earth Excavation; 0.4 acre Seeding, Class 1; 821 ton Stone Riprap, Class A6; 26 ton Hot-Mix Asphalt Binder Course, IL-19.0, N50; 881 SF 6" Portland Cement Concrete Sidewalk; 20 SF Detectable Warnings; 26 ft 18" Storm Sewers, Class A, Type 1; 3 EA Manholes to be Adjusted; 174 ft Steel Plate Beam Guardrail, Type A, 6 Foot Posts; 22.7 CY Concrete Structures.

Alternate bid values are: $848,061.25 USD

Additional bidders include:
Sjostrom & Sons Inc.: $1,422,953.64 USD,  $1,139,811.75 USD
Alliance Contractors, Inc.: $1,682,473.21 USD,  $1,379,128.25 USD

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