Faber Construction Low Bidder on Lake Padden Lift Stations in WA

Faber Construction is the apparent low bidder on the Bellingham, City of - Purchasing Dept.'s Lake Padden Lift Stations solicitation, with a low bid of $474,440.76 USD. Bids were opened on November 16, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes approx 120 SY construction geotextile for soil stabilization; 220 TN bank run gravel for trench backfill; 60 TN crushed surfacing base course; 37 TN crushed surfacing limestone; 3 TN HMA cl 1/2"; 60 SY planing bituminous pavement; 3 TN cold mix asphalt; 3 EA abandon existing manhole; 1 LS bypass sewage pumping; 4 EA of 48" manhole type 1; 1,675 LF of 2" HDPE sanitary sewer; 160 LF of 6: HDPE sanitary sewer; 12 LF of 4" PVC sanitary sewer; 1 LS lift station. See attached files.

Alternate bid values are: $205,962.00 USD,  $115,988.00 USD

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