Demar Inc. (2412877 Ontario Inc.) Low Bidder on Lakeshore / Seaway Haulage Watermain Replacement in Ont

Demar Inc. (2412877 Ontario Inc.) is the apparent low bidder on the St. Catharines, City of - Purchasing Dept.'s Lakeshore / Seaway Haulage Watermain Replacement solicitation, with a low bid of $608,568.07 CAD. Bids were opened on November 15, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes approx 30 LM of 300 mm water main pipe jack and bore; 490 LM of 300mm open cut gran A backfill; 5 EA Test Pits; 15 EA Reconnect Existing Sewer Laterals and Catchbasin Leads; 15 LM Supply and Install Water Service; 6 EA Hydrant Set; 15 EA of sewer laterals and catch and basin leads including CCTV; 150 TN of 50mm EA if trench match existing; 100 SM concrete sidewalk; 1 EA Main Stop Including Stainless Steel Saddle and Dry Tapping of Watermain; 50 EA Cathodic Protection; 10 EA Abandon Old Watermain.

Additional bidders include:
O'Hara Trucking & Excavating Inc.: $672,635.00 CAD
Catalina Excavating: $676,525.00 CAD
Deso Construction Limited : $689,000.00 CAD

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